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Does Your Rug Need Changing Or Just Rug Cleaning?

Does Your Rug Need Changing Or Just Rug Cleaning?

Precious rugs are beautiful in any home because of their classic style and as long as you are giving them care and attention, they will be with you for a lifetime. If you take good care of your precious rug, it can be an investment which you can pass on to your children. However, even if rugs are very versatile and can last a lifetime, you still have to observe if they show the following signs of needing rug cleaning.

Does Your Rug Need Changing Or Just Rug Cleaning?

Stained or dirty areas

Accidents can always happen on rugs. When you spill something and the spills are left untreated, your rug will definitely have a stain. When trying to remove stains, make sure that the cleaning solution you are using is the right one for your rug. The cleaning method should also be considered. If you haven’t successfully removed the stain no matter what you tried, it’s time to contact the experts.

Funny Smell

When spills are left untreated, they can accumulate bacteria and release odour in the air. If you do the cleaning yourself, you can cause the odour to worsen because of the different chemicals in the cleaning solutions. Not all products will be able to disguise the odour for a long period of time. In case you still smell something after several attempts to remove the odour, the odour has probably reached the fibres and likely even the padding of your rug. Contact a professional rug cleaning company and your rug will get the best cleaning process and solutions.

Damage, wear and tear

When your rug is already tearing apart, it will no longer be nice to look at. It can also be a safety hazard and cause people to slip or stumble. If you try to fix it by yourself, you might end up spending more than you should or worsening the damage. Hiring a rug repair company can give your rug the proper repair it needs, bringing it back to its original look. The life of the rug can also increase if you have it repaired by professionals.

These signs don’t necessarily mean you have to urgently replace your rug but it will need professional rug cleaning and repair. If you act quickly, you can still save your rug but if the stains, odour or wear and tear have been going on for quite some time, chances are your rug will need replacing.

Whenever you need professional rug cleaning, contact AIM Property Solutions right away and get the very best of service.


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3 Essentials For Maintaining Shag Carpets

3 Essentials For Maintaining Shag Carpets

Most homeowners think a shag carpet is an old design which went out of fashion years ago. That’s completely untrue. Shag carpets are still preferred by some and people who use them enjoy them just the same. There are proper ways to care for a shag carpet, and if you consider buying one someday, you should know how to maintain it.

3 Essentials For Maintaining Shag Carpets

  1. Vacuuming

Like regular carpets, shag carpets must also be vacuumed, but there’s a technique you should use. Make sure that before you start vacuuming, the beater bar is not switched on. Also, the brushes of the vacuum should not directly touch the carpet. You just have to extract all the dirt without the brush touching the fibres because this might cause wear, tear, and warping.

  1. Rake for grooming

Rakes are not only for the yard. Carpets need them too. There are even shag rakes specially made for shag carpets. Using a rake will help make the carpet look great. Be sure to rake the carpet in only one direction so that all the fibres fluff up and look neat and groomed.

  1. Yearly steam cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning, particularly steam cleaning, is recommended by carpet manufacturers so that all of the dust mites, bacteria, pollen, dirt, and germs that live in your carpet will be killed and removed.

You can opt for DIY steam cleaning, but hiring a certified and licensed carpet cleaning company will make all the difference. Professionals have the proper tools, equipment, and cleaning solutions to care for your shag carpet. Additionally, this will save you the trouble of doing everything yourself. Most importantly, professional carpet cleaning protects your carpet. There have been some cases where well-meaning owners inadvertently damaged their carpet through DIY carpet cleaning.

If you need a trusted company, AIM Property Solutions is always here, ready for your call. Just let us know and we can help you maintain your shag carpet to make it last longer.


CC Image Courtesy of Amelia Bellows on Flickr

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Is It Better To Repair or Replace Your Leather Furniture?

Is It Better To Repair or Replace Your Leather Furniture?

It finally looks like your beautiful and classy leather couch is starting to succumb to the ravages of time. Already, it’s starting to look worn out, and you’ve been seriously considering what to do. Should you have it repaired or just buy a new one? You will need to find out certain information to aid you in deciding.

Is It Better To Repair or Replace Your Leather Furniture?

Is your upholstery made of real leather or bonded leather?

Upholstery can be made from either of the two kinds of leather – genuine and bonded. The main difference between them is that the entire hide of an animal is what is used to make genuine leather. On the other hand, bonded leather is produced from different pieces of leather combined to make a whole piece. Genuine leather lasts longer, and it’s more expensive. Don’t be so quick to dispose of your furniture if you have genuine leather.

Assess if it’s really damaged or just soiled

Many owners can make a mistake when determining if their couch is already damaged or only filled with dirt and grime. If your couch only has dirt that is very hard to get rid of, calling up a professional upholstery cleaning service first is what you need to do. If your furniture is merely dirty, it may still be salvageable. Upholstery cleaning professionals will know exactly what to do, and they have the right equipment to do the required cleaning.

Is the damage permanent and severe or mild?

There are certain types of damage that may be beyond repair. If your couch already has huge tears, they need to be re-upholstered, and if the couch you have is bonded, it will not be worth it.

If your couch only has a few scratches here and there, this is not something you need to worry too much about. The manufacturers have kits you can get to remove the scratches yourself.

Will you need to pay a large amount?

This is something you need to consider if you are on a tight budget. There are times when buying a new one would be more practical than having your old couch repaired. There are good couches you can buy that won’t cost you too much.

If it’s only dirt and soil that’s bothering you, contact a professional cleaning company like AIM Property Solutions to give you spotless clean results. With our top quality upholstery cleaning service, you can still keep your old furniture and make it look new again.


CC Image Courtesy of David, Bergin, Emmett and Elliott on Flickr

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Carpet Stain Removal: Make Nail Polish Vanish

Carpet Stain Removal: Make Nail Polish Vanish

Nail polish is lovely to look at if they’re on our nails. Unfortunately, sometimes, we accidentally spill nail polish on the carpet, and it looks like the carpet might be doomed for life. It looks impossible to remove those eye-catching stains. Take heart; there is no reason for you to panic. Removing these stains is not as hard as you think.

Carpet Stain Removal:  Make Nail Polish Vanish

That one product you will need

Removing nail polish from your carpet only needs acetone, but do not make the mistake of pouring it directly on the carpet. Acetone might be very effective, but it is a harsh chemical that can cause damage even to the padding of your carpet. Put a small amount of acetone on a washcloth and pre-test this product on an inconspicuous area of the carpet. Once you’re satisfied that the acetone has no adverse effects on your carpet, dab it onto the area where the nail polish spilled.

After blotting the stain with acetone, take a clean, dry cloth and gently dab at the stain again. Doing this will remove the excess acetone that can later on damage your carpet even more. Look for any residue and blot it off using another dry cloth.

To finalize everything, use an all-purpose spotter

This is the final thing to do in removing the nail polish from your carpet. Apply the spotter on the stain then take a clean cloth to repeatedly but gently press on it. This is to ensure that nothing is left on the carpet. The acetone needs to be completely gone because of the damage it might cause, and any excess needs to be eliminated thoroughly.

That’s all you need to do whenever you end up with nail polish on your carpet. All it takes is acetone, clean, dry pieces of cloth, an all-purpose spotter and you’re good to go.

If the stain refuses to budge, call AIM Property Solutions for the best stain removal service. We can eliminate those nasty stains and bring your carpet’s beauty back. Stains are manageable if you have the right technique, proper information and expert hands.   


CC Image Courtesy of Disco-Dan on Flickr

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How To Clean Tile, Hardwood, and Laminate Floors

How To Clean Tile, Hardwood, and Laminate Floors

No matter what kind of flooring you choose for your home, one thing’s for sure. It’s an essential part of your home which needs to be cleaned and properly maintained. To keep them in tip-top shape, here are a few cleaning tips.

How To Clean Tile, Hardwood, and Laminate Floors

Tiled Flooring

Ceramic or tiled flooring is the most low-maintenance type of flooring simply because it is water-resistant and easy to clean. When replacing a broken tile or two, always rely on a qualified contractor to do the job for you.

For basic care, frequently vacuum the floor for dust and debris before proceeding to use a cleaning solution. High-traffic areas should be damp mopped frequently as the dirt can get tracked on the ceramic tiles.

Hardwood Floors

Keep your hardwood floors in pristine condition with the right cleaning technique and preventive maintenance. Place a mat at the door, to prevent dirt from being tracked inside your home. During rainy weather, ask your family and guests to remove their shoes before entering the house. This will protect your hardwood floor from damage caused by water and mud.

For basic care, vacuum your floor using a floor-brush attachment at least once a week. Avoid harsh cleaning solutions and do not use too much water when mopping hardwood floors, as the liquid can actually damage the wood material.

Laminate Floors

Laminate flooring is one of the easiest to maintain and the most durable among the flooring options. To prevent damage on your laminate floors, always clean spills and spots immediately. Placing high-quality floor mats at the entryways will decrease the chances of dirt being carried in by shoes or paws. Make sure to use protective pads on your furniture legs so they won’t scratch your flooring.

For basic care, regularly remove dust using a vacuum cleaner with a soft bristle brush. You can also use a dust mop. Do not use a large amount of liquid when cleaning the floor. Too much of it will cause the floor to swell and may cause permanent damage. Just spritz the floor with enough cleaning liquid and mop to clean.

But if you’re lucky enough to have carpet flooring, and you need it deep cleaned, call AIM Property Solutions and we will take care of all your carpet cleaning needs.


CC Image Courtesy of Jeff Wilcox on Flickr

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Solutions To Typical Rug Issues

Solutions To Typical Rug Issues

From spills to wear and tear, your rug is subjected to potential damage everyday. Fortunately, in most situations, you can still avert disaster. Learn from the experts so you can save yourself from heartache and prolong your rug’s life. Here’s what you should do for each of the problematic situations you and your rug will encounter.

Solutions To Typical Rug Issues

Soil and dirt

Simple everyday maintenance involves getting the dust out of your rug. Just hold your rug up and beat it get all of the dust out. For a thorough deep clean though, you’ll need professional rug cleaning.


Spilling liquids on your rug can cause ‘bleeding’ stains especially when it has penetrated deep into the rug. The part underneath your rug is usually made of low-quality materials and dye which can cause the liquid to run throughout the rug. Some stains you can remove yourself with the right method and product but for stubborn stains, it’s best to get rug cleaning professionals.


Aside from unsightly stains, liquid spills on your rug especially when left too long, will cause the rug to shrink. When a part of the rug shrinks, you’ll have no choice but to cut the pad underneath to match the rug. This is best done by rug repair professionals.

Pulled yarn

Do not pull strings of yarn hanging out from your rug. This can pull out even more strands and ruin the rest of the rug. Trim the stray thread instead.


Dealing with burns is easy because you need only cut out the part that was burned. This should not affect your rug too much unless it’s a large noticeable burn.


Insects and other pests can cause damage to furniture, not to mention bring health risks into your home. To keep them away from your rug, spray pesticide at least once a year or get rug experts to treat your rug after its regular rug cleaning.

When it’s time for your rug cleaning or you need stain removal, just contact AIM Property Solutions, and we’ll be there to help.


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