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Hot Water Extraction vs Dry Cleaning – Pros and Cons

There are several misconceptions about carpet cleaning, because people don’t know enough about the different methods.   Two of the most popular methods are hot water extraction and dry cleaning.  Both methods have benefits and disadvantages which will leave you to decide which one to go for. Professional cleaners can also help you in making your decision, but you should at least know what they are talking about.

Here are the pros and cons of these cleaning methods to help you decide which option would be best for your carpet.

Pros and cons of hot water extractionpros and cons of steam cleaning and dry cleaning

Hot water extraction, which is another term for steam cleaning, is a process where hot water and detergent are injected into the carpet and then vacuumed to suck out all the moisture, dirt, and detergent. The equipment used can be portable or mounted on a truck. Truck-mounted equipment can extract up to 95% of the water in the carpet, but if you live in a high-rise building, the portable cleaning equipment is your best option.


Hot water extraction is mostly recommended by carpet manufacturing experts.  The combination of detergent and extremely high temperature is very good for eliminating the fungi and bacteria on the carpet that are detrimental to one’s health. This method is what is recommended by carpet manufacturers.


If the technician is not very well-experienced, he can put too much water without cleaning it well and the excess moisture can lead to bacterial and fungal growth. This process may also cause the carpet to take a longer time drying which can last between 12 to 24 hours.  The best cleaning companies, however, have perfected the process and take only an average of about 4 hours pr less to dry.


Pros and cons of dry cleaning method

Dry cleaning is done by taking a mixture of solvents and cleaning agents, sprinkling this on the carpet and then using equipment with counter-rotating brushes to spread the mixture into the fibres of the carpet. The powder will absorb the dirt on the carpet and it will be left to set between 10 to 15 minutes before using a vacuum to draw everything out.


This is a very simple method and the technician does not need to have a lot of experience. Since it takes only a few minutes to dry, you can use the carpet again in less than 30 minutes.


There is a possibility that not all of the powder will be drawn out and it can accumulate over time which could lead to the build-up of excessive dust in your household. The carpets resoil quicker and you need to clean them sooner. If you need deep cleaning for your carpet, this is not the recommended method.


These are the pros and cons of hot water extraction and dry cleaning. For a thorough deep clean, hot water extraction is the best method recommended by experts and carpet manufacturers.  For more information, you can always call us.  We give you the best carpet cleaning service plus other cleaning services you may need.

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Why There Are Dark Areas On Your Carpet Near The Furniture

What are those dark areas of carpet in front of my couch?

Dark patches

Have you ever noticed any dark spots on your carpet, usually in front of your sofa?  The first thing that comes into our mind is to clean them right away as they seem hideous on our carpet.  We often ask ourselves if we can successfully eliminate them.

Why There Are Dark Areas On Your Carpet Near The FurnitureWhere did they come from?

These dark spots can be from a couple of problems.  They usually come from people’s shoes treading on the carpet.  Even if you wipe your shoes before entering the house, this does not remove all the soil’s tiny particles. The dark spots develop as a result of moisture and soil from people’s outdoor shoes. Your shoe bottoms can also collect oil and grease that can make your carpet dirty.

When you commonly sit in the same area, your shoes will keep rubbing on the carpet fibres thus marking the surface and causing damage.  Your shoes aren’t the only culprit in causing dark spots on your carpet, your slippers can cause issues too. The rubber soles on your shoes or slippers when constantly rubbing on the carpet wears off onto the carpet surface.

Carpet fibres are like filters, they collect dirt, grease, germs and any particles coming from the shoe bottoms.  Most of these contaminants are deposited onto your carpeted area and in time, they can be impossible to remove.

There are basic tips on how to prevent these dark areas.

  • Remove your outdoor shoes before entering your house.
  • Use light coloured soled slippers in your house.
  • Consider placing a decorative rug in front of your chair. Remember, constant rubbing of your shoes on the same area can cause dark spots.
  • Get yourself high-quality matting designed to capture dirt, grime and moisture. Place the matting outside the entry area to be stepped on before walking onto the carpet. This will scrape off dirt and debris from your outdoor shoes.

With these prevention tips in mind, you can promote a healthy living environment and preserve the beauty of your carpet.

For hard to remove dark areas and carpet stains, call us today. We can give you the best solutions for your carpet cleaning needs.



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3 Reason to Cleaning Your Upholstery to Improve your Health

Having your upholstered furniture cleaned regularly comes with benefits that will help in maintaining good health especially if you have allergies and breathing problems. Whenever you are buying a new home, you are very enthusiastic about decorating your home and getting upholstered furniture, but you need to know the proper maintenance necessary so they will not become a health hazard in the long run. This is more important if you have pets that love to get on your couch when taking a nap because upholstery absorbs more dirt, dust, and moisture.

Health Benefits of Clean Upholstery

Benefits of clean upholstered furniture

 1. Cleaner air around your house

When you have your upholstered furniture cleaned regularly, they will always smell fresh and clean which keeps odour from spreading through the air. Professional cleaners use industrial equipment which they use to remove all of the hidden dust and dirt inside your carpet. There are also dry contaminants that can be found in your carpet which needs professional cleaning as well. You can easily buy cleaning products in the supermarket, but most of them contain toxic ingredients, while most carpet cleaning professionals use non-toxic solutions to treat your upholstered furniture.

2. Gets rid of skin irritations caused by your dirty carpet

When you have your upholstery cleaned, the dust mites and the dirt will be removed. These dust mites can cause your skin to become itchy and could lead to allergies. Your allergies can also act up if you don’t have clean upholstery.  The dust could permeate your indoor air causing breathing problems. This can be dangerous if you have someone at home who has asthma because dust in the air can trigger an asthma attack.

3. Reduces mould spores and mildewHealth Benefits of Upholstery Cleaning

Mould spores and mildew that remain hidden in your carpet unless you have it cleaned will lead to illnesses and other manifestations caused by bacteria. If you have the carpet cleaned regularly, you will be able to maintain the beauty and the comfort of your upholstered furniture. You will not be able to easily lounge in your furniture if it is dirty because you will smell all of the dust and dirt hidden in it as soon as your nose touches the furniture. This could cause sneezing, itchiness and cough. You will also feel the dust mites irritating your skin so you will feel very uncomfortable using it.

Ignoring your upholstered furniture can lead to a lot of health problems, but if you call the right people to do the cleaning for you, you will save on time and you won’t have to worry about not being able to thoroughly clean it on your own. All you have to do is call and ask them when they can come by your place and clean your upholstered furniture for you. Best of all, you no longer have to worry about dirt and dust accumulating on your furniture.

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