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How Carpets Affect Indoor Sound

How Carpets Affect Indoor Sound

Placing a carpet in your home gives you not just aesthetic benefits; but also acoustic. It can help beautify your room and reduce the sound level at the same time. It’s even better if you have wall to wall carpeting; it can control noise more. Carpets inside residences can reduce noise which will give more comfort and relaxation. In the case of commercial establishments, offices install carpets to create a safer and more comfortable environment for the employees, while schools have carpets to foster an environment that allows students to focus better.

How Carpets Affect Indoor Sound

Noisy surroundings and where carpets come in

Almost everywhere we go that does not have a carpet is noisier compared to other places that do. Public transportation, workplaces, malls, restaurants, and areas that have hard flooring are classic examples of places where we hear a lot of noise.

If you observe your surroundings closely, you will notice that cars, cinemas, hotels, lounges, and aircrafts are carpeted. This is because of the acoustic properties of carpets; they’re great for controlling noise in public areas. Carpets are able to reduce noise by decreasing surface noise, sounds in the air, and the movement of these sounds to adjoining rooms.

Control noise on the surface

When talking about noise on the surface, we’re referring to the sounds of vacuuming, footsteps, objects that touch the floor, and things that are being moved. These everyday sounds will be reduced to a lower pitch making the noise less obvious. If the carpet is thicker, it has a greater ability to reduce noise. Underlays made of good quality are especially able to help the carpet reduce noise more efficiently.

Reduce noise in the air

Carpets can absorb sound into their pile without creating an echo unlike other surfaces that are not carpeted, where sounds rebound inside the room.

Keeps noise from being heard in other areas

Buildings that are not carpeted and have more than one storey often have the disadvantage of noise easily transmitting through the floor. Placing a carpet with an underlay improves noise reduction that will cause lesser disturbances to other people on other floors of the building.

Carpets are a great aid to reducing sound in any indoor environment. In order to keep your carpets effective and hygienic, they need to be maintained and professionally cleaned. Contact AIM Property Solutions to experience the best carpet cleaning from an established carpet cleaning company.


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3 Typical Signs of Water Damage In Your Home

3 Typical Signs of Water Damage In Your Home

When there is water damage present in your home, it can lead to more serious problems. Whatever caused the water damage, you need to have it fixed urgently by the most reliable carpet cleaning and water damage company in your area. These professionals have the proper knowledge and equipment to make your home fit for living again. But how can you tell if you have a water damage problem? There are signs you need to watch out for to determine if your house is suffering from water damage.

3 Typical Signs of Water Damage In Your Home

Do you see mould and mildew?

Mould and mildew growth is the most common indication that your home has water damage. You might notice that the walls of your house have become moist and discoloured. Carpets also easily attract mould and mildew and when these affect your carpet, it becomes darker in colour. A mould issue should be handled by professionals because this can contaminate the air inside your home.

Did you detect an unpleasant musty smell?

If your home has water damage, you will likely smell a persistent nasty odour. Musty smells, for instance, indicate the presence of mould.

Are your floors sagging?

When the floor in your home is hard and dry, you are sure that you are provided with a safe foundation. But with water damage present, you will notice that the floor is starting to sag. This is a sure sign that you have water damage in your home. Call up professional services immediately to prevent further weakening of your floors.

Don’t wait for the situation to get worse. If you find any of these signs, it is time to call up water damage and carpet cleaning professionals, like AIM Property Solutions. We’ll check your place out and confirm the extent of the damage so we can fix it right away.


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Top 3 Ways To Protect Your Carpet During House Repairs

Top 3 Ways To Protect Your Carpet During House Repairs

So you’re tired of your home’s old and boring look, and you’d like to modernize your home’s design. House renovation, no matter how small or large the project, is always a mess during construction. During renovation, your flooring is the most vulnerable. Heavy boxes, furniture and other equipment can be rolled and dragged across your carpet or hardwood flooring. The key to maintaining your existing finishes and expensive flooring, such as your carpet, is to protect them from dirt, dust, paint or possible wear and tear during the renovation. Here’s what you can do to protect your carpet:

Top 3 Ways To Protect Your Carpet During House Repairs

1. Cover it up
There are heavy-duty protective films available on the market designed to protect your flooring from renovation projects. Their designs vary based on how long the renovation will run or for the kind of flooring you want to protect. Its thickness and durability depend on the number of people working on the renovation.
You can also look around your house for anything that you might find handy and washable such as tarps and old sheets. Old inexpensive rugs can double as protectors for your beautiful carpet.

2. Frequent vacuuming and spot cleaning
During construction, dust and dirt can be everywhere around the house. Dust can come from carpentry work or the technicians tracking grit and mud into the house. Make sure to check for debris and dirt on your carpet before they settle deep into your fibres. If you spot spills on your carpet, act fast and quickly blot the spills to prevent damage.

3. Limit traffic to carpeted areas
It is unavoidable for your contractors to walk in and out of your house for the renovation, but you may request to minimise traffic in carpeted rooms. You can also ask if they can wear paper shoe covers when they enter your house.

After your renovation, call and set up an appointment with a professional carpet cleaning company. AIM Property Solutions, providers of first class carpet cleaning and stain removal services, can ensure that your carpet is cleaned and looking its best for your redesigned and upgraded home.


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How To Distinguish Between A Spot And A Carpet Stain

How To Distinguish Between A Spot And A Carpet Stain

Not all people are aware of the difference between a spot on their carpet and a stain, and most people might not really care. You should. Knowing what distinguishes one from the other is important as it affects the way the carpet should be cleaned and treated.

How To Distinguish Between A Spot And A Carpet Stain

How can you tell if it’s just a spot?

If it’s something that has not penetrated the carpet’s fibres, then it is a spot. This could come from dirt on your shoes, pieces of food or anything spilled on the floor. Another way to determine if it’s a spot is if you can feel it on your carpet when you touch it.

How can you tell if it’s a stain?

Carpet stains are a different story. A stain cannot be physically felt anymore even if you touch your carpet because the carpet’s fibres have absorbed it, and it has penetrated deeper. Most of the time, a stain can become permanent.

Removing spots

The right way to remove a spot will depend on what kind it is. If it’s a greasy spot, you need to apply a solvent rather than a water-based cleaning solution which will not have any effect. If the spot came from food or any other spill which doesn’t have oil, you’ll be fine with using a detergent.

Stain removal

There are some instances where spots have turned into stains, and you will most likely not be able to remove them. Specialised stain removal treatments are needed for this, but this needs to be done by professionals as serious damage can occur if the treatment is conducted incorrectly.

If you do not know what to do, just give our carpet technicians at AIM Property Solutions a ring. We will not hesitate to help you out and save you from a ruined carpet. We use the best cleaning methods and solutions which will eliminate almost all spots and carpet stains.


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Freshen Up Your Home: 3 Tips To Remove Household Odours

Freshen Up Your Home: 3 Tips To Remove Household Odours

You can choose to occupy your day spraying around your home to replace the unpleasant odours that bother you. Or, you can decide on the most effective way to get rid of these odours. Identifying and dealing with the main source will prevent the problem from recurring. It’s even more urgent that you find it if, no matter what you do, the odour doesn’t seem to be going away. There are tips you can follow to target the source of the odour and get rid of it completely. You can also get the most out of professional cleaning services like carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and stain treatment.

Freshen Up Your Home:  3 Tips To Remove Household Odours

  1. Investigate the cause of the smell

You might think that doing this is very tiring, but once you find the source of the stench, your life will be more comfortable. Do a thorough search in all areas of your home to trace where the odour is coming from. If you have cats at home, be reminded that they sometimes like to take dead animals with them so you need to check under the bed, and behind appliances and furnishings. Damp, musty smells are likely coming from mould, which grows on ceilings and walls. Treat any mould problems right away or they will spread throughout your home.

  1. Store your items properly

Consider also the possibility that the odour is coming from a chemical inside your house, like varnish, paint, or other cleaning products. These chemicals should be placed in a separate area because of their strong fumes and the danger of accidental poisoning. Garages or sheds are the best storage areas, but kitchen and cleaning products in tightly closed containers can be put inside the cupboard.

  1. Vacuum and professional cleaning

Some odours are caused by the lifestyle and habits of people, such as smoking. Cooking and grilling food can also cause different odours. Unfortunately, the particles of odours from these kinds of sources have the tendency to stick to carpets and upholstery. Although odours from food may smell good at first; they do turn nasty later on, particularly if you accidentally burned the food. You can vacuum surfaces to get rid of the smell. If that doesn’t work and the smell persists and gets worse, it’s time to call the carpet and upholstery cleaning experts.

For carpets and upholstered furniture that look terrific and smell wonderful, contact AIM Property Solutions. Our carpet and upholstery cleaning services are highly effective and produce lasting results.


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4 Simple Secrets To An Attractive and Long-Lasting Carpet

4 Simple Secrets To An Attractive and Long-Lasting Carpet

Just like other household furnishings, your lovely new carpet is an expensive investment. Many homeowners might be wondering how to keep it looking as attractive and gorgeous as it did on the day it was installed. The answer is simple: proper care and maintenance is important for you to enjoy its comfort for years to come. Read on to find out the best ways to take care of your newly installed carpet and protect your investment.

4 Simple Secrets To An Attractive and Long-Lasting Carpet

  1. Use your vacuum

Regular vacuuming can make a huge difference on your carpet. Your carpet fibres collect everyday dirt, dander and dust that can accumulate allergens. These contaminants pose a great risk to you and your loved ones’ health. The dirt build-up can also cause damage to your beautiful carpet.

  1. Clean spills immediately

As soon as a spill occurs, act fast and get the problem fixed as soon as you can. The more you let the spill sit on your carpet’s surface, the more it absorbs the liquid and becomes harder to remove. Always blot the spill instead of wiping to prevent spreading. If, after searching for tons of tips to get rid of stains, nothing worked, it’s best to call a professional to handle the problem. This saves your carpet from further damage.

  1. Spot test when using stain removal products

Many of us feel frustrated when we see a spill, and we end up grabbing any cleaning agent from our kitchen cabinet just to get rid of the stain. Don’t! Make sure to test any commercial cleaning agents on a discreet area of your carpet to check if it is effective and safe to be applied.

  1. Schedule deep carpet cleaning

Your carpet needs regular deep cleaning to keep it spotless, fluffy and attractive. Professional carpet cleaning service providers like AIM Property Solutions ensure that your carpet emerges sparkling clean and once more smells fresh.


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