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How To Maintain the Beautiful Colours of Your Carpet

How To Maintain the Beautiful Colours of Your Carpet

A carpet that retains its vibrant colours over the years is indeed a beautiful thing to behold. Most carpet owners do not know the best ways to keep their carpet and its colours in top condition. One thing you need to remember is that carpet is similar to fabric and its colours can fade. Most carpet discolouration is caused by chemicals that we use in the household.

Here are some tips on how to keep your carpet looking vibrant and new all the time:

How To Maintain the Beautiful Colours of Your Carpet

  • Do not let sunlight touch your carpet

The strong rays from the sun will weaken the material and colours of your carpet. Make it a habit to close the windows or draw the shades when you leave the room.

  • Hands and feet should always be clean

Even the chemicals found in the cosmetics and body products we use can cause discolouration. If you’ll be touching the carpet, make sure that your hands are clean. Your feet should be covered with socks or you can wear house slippers if you’re going to step on your carpet.

  • Do not let pet stains linger on your carpet

Pets are adorable, but they can also pee and poop on your carpet. Spills and accidents need to be cleaned right away, especially if it’s pet urine which will ruin the colour of your carpet.

  • Inform the carpet cleaning company

The cleaning products bought from stores are more or less effective spot and stain removers, but they are not always safe for your carpet. They can still leave a mark on your carpet which can become permanent. It is best to let a professional carpet cleaning company, like AIM Property Solutions, handle your carpet so that the proper cleaning solutions and tools are used. Our carpet cleaning technicians are trained and qualified so we know which products and methods are good for your carpet. Call us today for all your carpet care needs.


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5 Fantastic Ideas To Make Your Home Smell Nice and Fresh

Many consumers spend hundreds of dollars to buy either scented candles, air fresheners or other kinds of natural scents to improve their home’s indoor air quality. Every home or office has a unique smell and this scent can affect a person’s mood. Isn’t it great when you walk into your apartment, office or room and there’s a scent that makes you calm and happier? Even guests feel more relaxed in your fresh smelling space. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune to make your home smell nice. Here are our favourite tips to make your space smell great:

5 Fantastic Ideas To Make Your Home Smell Nice and Fresh

  1. The heavenly scent of lemon and rosemary

Fill up a pot with water, slice up one lemon, add a few sprigs of rosemary and add a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Simmer it all day to fill up your home with the delightful scent.

  1. A cinnamon stick

Add a little twist of spicy and sweet scent to your house by adding cinnamon sticks to your unscented candle. You can also use it as decoration in your home. Be creative!

  1. Essential oil spray

Another affordable and effective solution to improve the scent inside your space is using essential oil spray. They come in various scents and are mostly available at your favourite local health food store.

  1. The power of lemon

Do you want to get rid of that funky smell on your refrigerator? Get a lemon and slice it in half. Place it inside your fridge and let it absorb the smell.

  1. The magical baking soda air freshener

Baking soda isn’t just an all-around cleaning agent. It can also be used to make your refrigerator smell fresh. First, find a container with a lid. It can be a coffee can, a mason jar or any plastic container. Poke holes in the lid of the container. Fill up the container about halfway with baking soda and a drop of essential oil with your favourite aroma. Shake the mixture together gently.


More often than not, pungent odours that linger for days are due to stains on your carpet or upholstery. Meticulous stain removal is what is needed to liberate your home from the smell. For efficient stain removal services from qualified professionals, call AIM Property Solutions. Your carpet or rug will get the best attention possible. We’ve had plenty of experience and success treating difficult stains.


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Guide To Vacuuming Like A Pro

Guide To Vacuuming Like A Pro

Most everyone has tried vacuuming, and it seems like a relatively simple task. It might surprise you to discover that there is actually a proper way to do it. There are strategies and tricks to do it correctly and efficiently. Learn how to vacuum like a pro with our quick and easy guide.

Guide To Vacuuming Like A Pro

The Proper Way to Vacuum

  • Before doing anything, your vacuum should be cleaned first. It is the first thing that needs to be cleaned. Otherwise, you’re just adding more dust to the surfaces you’re supposed to be cleaning.
  • If you don’t really enjoy vacuuming the carpet, do it slowly. What you can do is vacuum each room one day at a time so that you will not become tired easily compared to cleaning all of them in just one day.
  • Do not allow the dust to build up which is why you have to vacuum the carpet consistently every week.
  • The area needs to be ready for vacuuming so clear it of any items. It’s important that you see everything that needs to be vacuumed so you don’t miss a spot.
  • You need to go the entire area when vacuuming a carpet so that all of the dirt and pollutants are picked up.
  • To make sure you’ve cleaned thoroughly, vacuum the surface a few more times.
  • If you want to be efficient, use the right attachments based on the surface you’re cleaning, whether it’s hardwood, carpet or tiles.
  • Large pieces of furniture also accumulate dust and may even hide pests. Do not forget to vacuum under couches and tables. Your furniture needs to be moved around so that you will be able to vacuum the spots that are not easy to access.
  • Your shoes will leave a trace of dirt as you walk out of the room; so after you are done with one room, vacuum on your way out.

Vacuuming is the first step to maintaining your carpet. Carpet manufacturers still recommend professional carpet cleaning for a longer-lasting carpet. Whenever your carpet is due for some cleaning, call AIM Property Solutions. We can come anytime to help you out, and you are assured of excellent carpet cleaning service.


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5 Best Tips for Workplace Pest Problems

5 Best Tips for Workplace Pest Problems

Keeping pests away is important both at home and in your workplace. Think about the health risks to your employees, plus insects and rodents in the office don’t give a good impression about your business to clients. Luckily, there are pest control tips you can follow to rid your workplace of these unwanted tiny guests:

5 Best Tips for Workplace Pest Problems

  1. Possible entry areas should be sealed

Most buildings and residences can be guarded against pests by limiting their access to possible entry points. Have all cracks and holes sealed. Go around your building and check for any areas and spots that could attract and provide entrance to pests, no matter how small. These cracks and holes should be sealed using caulk or foam.

  1. Problems with the drainage

Like humans, pests also rely on water to survive. Your drainage should be clear and problem-free to discourage pests from staying in them. It’s best to consult a contractor to help you with this dilemma.

  1. Always take out the trash

No matter what your business is, it will always produce garbage. Even if your trash is mostly composed of boxes and paper, pests love to make them into a home. Be sure to have the garbage removed every week and frequently power wash the garbage area.

  1. Eating areas should be kept clean

This is where your employees spend their breaks for meals and snacks. If you do not include keeping the area clean a part of their duties, a cleaning team should be called to keep it well-maintained. If you allow food to be kept there, require them to keep the food sealed all the time and spills should be avoided as much as possible. Additionally, one of the best ways to keep the office clean is to prohibit the bringing of food to desks or workstations.

  1. Redesign your exterior and landscaping

To keep pests away from your place of business, make sure that the landscaping will not attract pests. The trees and shrubs should always be cut, and they should not be located too near your building. The lawn needs to be maintained as well. You can always hire a professional to do it for you.

AIM Property Solutions offers top-quality pest control services for residences and commercial establishments. Call us today to find out how to keep your office clean and pest-free.


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Keeping Kids Safe When You Need Carpet Cleaning

Keeping Kids Safe When You Need Carpet Cleaning

For young children, especially babies and toddlers, crawling on the carpet is wonderful playtime. Unfortunately, they can be at risk from contaminants present in your carpet. These potential health risks come not only from bacteria hiding in your carpet but may also arise from the carpet cleaning itself. Here’s what you should know and how you can keep your kids safe.

Keeping Kids Safe When You Need Carpet Cleaning

What happens when your carpet gets wet

You need to act right away when something spills on your carpet. Blot it up until all moisture is absorbed. Mould will soon develop in a matter of hours if you leave the carpet wet. Your toddler might touch the carpet contaminated with bacteria and mould.

Safe cleaning solutions

The cleaning solutions that we use for removing spots and stains on the carpet are not always safe for children. Before buying, check the label if it might be toxic to children. Even if they only inhale fumes from the chemical, it is just as harmful to their health.

Eco-friendly cleaning company

Hiring a professional cleaning company does not mean that you are completely safe from anything. Some companies use cleaning solutions that contain toxins that are much more potent but also more harmful than those we normally use at home. The effect also lasts longer so make sure that you are choosing a good cleaning company that will not use any harsh cleaning solutions to treat your carpet.

Your plan of action

Vacuum the carpet frequently. Get rid of any spills on your carpet. Remove stains right away by blotting them. Use doormats to minimize dust in your home. Double check the labels of your cleaning solutions. Make sure they are free of toxins and all-natural. Finally, choosing a good carpet cleaning company matters a lot. Responsible carpet cleaning service providers will use eco-friendly and non-toxic solutions.

AIM Property Solutions is the carpet cleaning company you can rely on for superior results and safe cleaning solutions. Give us a call today and set an appointment.


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8 Motivations To Clean Your House

8 Motivations To Clean Your House

Cleaning is something we really don’t enjoy doing especially when there’s a lot of icky stuff that needs to be removed. Clutter is another problem that you need to address because it can be a hindrance to your daily routine and is very distracting. You will also find a hard time looking for things that you need when there’s a lot of mess and clutter in your home.

8 Motivations To Clean Your House

Here are the best reasons to motivate you to clean your home:

1. A clean house is like a breath of fresh air.

You will feel so good waking up in the morning and ending your day in a home that is clean and organised.

2. Less stress

With regular cleaning, you’ll have very little mess in your house. Eventually, you will not have to give a lot of time and effort to cleaning. You’ll be able to go about your everyday routine with ease and relaxation.

3. Your home will be more attractive

When you are keeping a clean home, it will look, feel and even smell more appealing. It’s going to look practically the same as when you first bought it. In addition, you can confidently face surprise guests anytime in your home.

4. Less time for cleaning, more time for other things

If you constantly clean your home little by little, it will be much easier to maintain rather than only cleaning when it’s already filled with dirt. You can vacuum regularly, wash dishes, and give your toilet a scrub. Doing this will keep you from consuming a lot of time for heavy cleaning later.

5. Keep pests from invading your home

Without any trash, litter or clutter, you’ll have lesser chances of attracting pests to your home. Remember that when pests have settled in your home, you will need to hire pest control professionals, an added expense.

6. Longer lifespan for your household items

There are things in your home which will have a longer lifespan if they are kept clean. One example of them is your carpet. Carpet cleaning is needed for your carpet to be maintained and kept looking new and fresh.

7. A better and healthier home for your children

People especially children and the elderly will not be at risk of tripping on something or encountering substances that can be very harmful to their health. Children have the tendency to wander around but when this happens, they won’t find anything that could harm them. Your home will also not have any allergens that can cause health problems.

8. Easily find the things you need

When cleaning your home, find and keep a place for everything so you know where to quickly grab anything you need. You will be able to do this easily if your home is more organised.

These are some of the most important reasons why your home needs to be kept clean at all times. It’s a fact that humans need a good place to live in and we can function better if everything we see is organised and tidy. For all your professional cleaning needs from rug and carpet cleaning to upholstery and mattress cleaning, call AIM Property Solutions, the best in the business.


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