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10 Solutions For Toilet and Bathroom Odours

10 Solutions For Toilet and Bathroom Odours

Looking forward to an invigorating shower before going to work or relaxing in your nice bathroom at the end of the day?  Unfortunately, if your bathroom constantly stinks, you might not even want to enter it.

10 Solutions For Toilet and Bathroom OdoursTo keep your toilet and bathroom free of odour, it needs to be cleaned thoroughly. It’s very crucial that the hygiene in your bathroom area is maintained so that no bacteria or bad odour can develop. The smell can cover your entire bathroom and can cause a disturbance even when the bathroom is not being used. Follow these tips to remove toilet and bathroom odour.

  1. Mount an exhaust fan in your bathroom. If you don’t have one, open all the bathroom windows to dispel the odour.
  2. When trying to disinfect and neutralise smells in the bathroom, you can use baking soda, white vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide, which are all stronger than regular detergent and water. This mixture works best in between filthy spaces for odour elimination.
  3. If you have a scented candle, light it up inside the bathroom to replace the smell.
  4. The salty smell found in the bathroom can be removed if you use ammonia when cleaning up the toilet.
  5. You can also use baking soda as a deodorizer. Fill a container with baking soda and leave this open inside the bathroom to get rid of the odour. Change the baking soda after two days and keep refilling until the smell is gone.
  6. Hydrochloric acid can be used to eliminate really nasty smells from the bathroom, but remember to use this chemical only according to the directions suggested and as a last resort.
  7. If your bathroom’s walls and floors are discoloured from all the dirt and grime, you will need to clean your tiles and grout.
  8. Over the years, filth will build up in your bathroom’s floors, ceilings, and walls so they need to be frequently cleaned. The tub, sink, tiles, and shower need to be scrubbed using ammonia. The shower curtain and carpet will also need to be scrubbed. Chlorine bleach can be applied to the tiles of the floor to remove the filth.
  9. Charcoal is not only for grilling. It can also be used to get rid of bad odour from the bathroom.
  10. To keep your bathroom sparkling clean, keep your cleaning agents in the bathroom (safely beyond the children’s reach) and clean every time it is needed. Don’t forget to disinfect the toilet using cleaning agents.


CC Image Courtesy of aimee rivers on Flickr

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