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3 Eco-friendly Uses For Your Old Carpet

3 Eco-friendly Uses For Your Old Carpet

Do you ever wonder where all carpets go when they are thrown out after years of use? They are taken to a landfill, but too many discarded carpets might cause problems to the environment.

3 Eco-friendly Uses For Your Old CarpetWhy you shouldn’t quickly throw away old carpets:

Most carpets only decompose completely after 50 years. But not all of the carpet is unfit for use. And yet very little portion of the carpet is recycled and the others are just left to decompose. People should be more aware of how they can recycle and re-use carpets to avoid adding more waste to the environment.

If you have an old carpet you can:

  1. Use it for other things

If the carpet is not good for the living room anymore, you can always put it in another area of the house that is less visible to people. Carpets are very good for insulating heat and noise which means that they can always be used somewhere else. The insulation property of the carpet will help you save on electricity too.

  1. Give it away

If the carpet you are trying to get rid of is still in pretty good condition and can still be used for a few years, it can always be given away to a charity or other places that need them. Animal shelters would love to receive old carpets because animals need them during the cold months of winter.

  1. Bring it to a recycling centre

Recycling carpets is very easy and not as hard as you think. There are recycling depots you can go to where you can bring your carpet.

The recycling centre will examine the carpet fibres and any parts that can still be used. After this is done, the backing of the carpet will be detached from the loops. The loops will then undergo disinfection and cleaning using special equipment. The newly recycled product can now be utilised for new carpets and other flooring items.

Maintain the condition of your current carpet

Carpets need to be cleaned professionally once a year to keep their condition good. You can maintain them regularly, but do not forget to hire carpet cleaners to do the job properly. Vacuuming frequently helps in keeping the surface of the carpet clean and carpet cleaning from professionals like AIM Property Solutions will help your carpet look new and vibrant.


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