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3 Signs You Need To Call Professional Carpet Cleaners

3 Signs You Need To Call Professional Carpet Cleaners

With the carpet’s wide array of designs, textures and colours, it becomes the most popular choice for many homeowners. Its exquisite style brings elegance and comfort to your home which can be enjoyed by your family and guests. Moreover, because it’s soft and plush, it’s safe for household occupants when accidental slips or falls happen.

No matter how beautiful your carpet is, it won’t last long without proper maintenance. Your carpet is like a filter that collects all the everyday dirt, debris, spills, dander and soil particles. These can develop into contaminants that can be harmful to you and your family’s health and can potentially damage your carpet in the long run.

Often, when something happens like spills or accidents, we want to deal it with ourselves. But when is the best time to call a professional for carpet cleaning? Here’s a list of situations which will need the expertise of professional carpet cleaners:

3 Signs You Need To Call Professional Carpet Cleaners00

  1. Odours

It can be from your kid’s or pet’s accidents, smokers, bad hygiene, food spills, mould and mildew growth.  These might be the culprits of nasty lingering smells on your carpet. The bacteria associated with the smell needs to be removed for healthy indoor air quality.

  1. If you made a carpet stain worse

Since some of us love to deal with stains ourselves, without the proper knowledge and products, we may worsen the situation and permanently damage our expensive investment.

  1. It’s been at least a year since your last professional cleaning

Depending on your lifestyle and career, it would be hard to clean the carpet on a daily basis. It’s recommended to have your carpet thoroughly cleaned once every year or sooner if there’s a large amount of traffic in some of your carpeted areas. Call a trusted carpet cleaning company, like AIM Property Solutions.

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