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4 Steps To Cleaning Your Microfiber Couch

4 Steps To Cleaning Your Microfiber Couch

Your couch and other upholstered furniture are essential parts of your home. It’s where you spend your day resting, hanging out with the family or reading. With its everyday use, it’s important to keep it clean to increase its longevity.  However, your upholstered furniture is made of different type of fabrics which requires different types of cleaning techniques. One of the best examples is your microfiber couch.

4 Steps To Cleaning Your Microfiber CouchMicrofiber couches have fabrics made of polyester and nylon fibres. Dirt and grime can be visibly seen if the couch is of a lighter shade. Cleaning this modern style couch is a bit tricky because this type of fabric is prone to watermarks while darker shades help the dirt blend in.

You can start cleaning by taking off the cushions and putting them in the washing machine. But cleaning the arms and the frame of your couch is a different story. Read on to learn the basic steps for microfiber upholstery cleaning.

  1. Check the tag or manufacturer’s manual

Every upholstered furniture is unique from each other and should be treated differently. It is important to read the tag or care manual which can be found underneath your cushion.  If you see “W” for example, then it’s safe to use water for cleaning.

If you can’t find the tag or the manual, always spot test your cleaning product in an inconspicuous area first.

  1. Vacuum your couch

Set up your vacuum cleaner with its brush attachment and vacuum all the dirt, dander, debris and hair.

  1. Clean with alcohol

Since microfibers are repellent to water, use rubbing alcohol instead. Spray alcohol over the spots and gently rub with a white or natural-coloured sponge. Let it air dry or use a blower at a  cool setting to dry it fast.  As with any cleaning product, always spot test on a discreet area first before applying the alcohol especially with darker shades of microfiber.

  1. Fluff it back up

After cleaning, the microfiber might have flattened a bit in certain areas. Fluff it back up using a soft bristle brush.

If you are in doubt and need professional help in deep cleaning your couch, call AIM Property Solutions. We have professionals who are experts in upholstery cleaning.


CC Image Courtesy of beketchai on Flickr