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5 Reasons Rug Pads Are Important

5 Reasons Rug Pads Are Important

Oriental rugs are usually expensive, and their unique design adds a nice touch to your home’s atmosphere. While many homeowners enjoy the warmth and comfort every rug brings to a home; it’s also important to invest in proper padding.  Here are the benefits of getting a rug pad:

5 Reasons Rug Pads Are Important

  1. Provides safety

If you just placed your rug on top of wooden floors, tile, cement or hard flooring, it can cause someone to slip and fall on the floor.  Think about your kids or your elderly relatives and how to keep them from harm. Using a rug pad keeps your expensive investment in place and keeps it from wrinkling.

  1. Keeps your rug flat and clean

Isn’t it annoying to see the rug keep wrinkling? It actually affects the overall aesthetic of your room’s design and style. Using a rug pad keeps your rug flat and makes cleaning easier, too. Imagine yourself vacuuming a rug that keeps on bouncing up due to waves or wrinkles.

  1. Adds Comfort

Rug pads provide extra cushion against pressure between the rug and your hard flooring. It’s definitely more comfortable walking barefoot across an area rug with padding.

  1. Extends the Life of the Rug

As your rug is one of your more expensive investments in the house, you want to keep its excellent condition for as long as you possibly can. Using a rug pad prevents your rug fibres from being crushed. It also decreases the chances of wear and tear affecting the rug’s overall performance.

  1. Protection for your Carpet

Your carpet and area rug are precious decorations that come with a high price tag. In order to protect your carpet from dye transfer from your area rug, it’s recommended to use a rug pad. It acts as protection against staining, and dye transfer.

Aside from using rug pads, get the professionals to clean and care for your rug. AIM Property Solutions offers high-quality rug cleaning to keep your rugs in tip-top shape. You can be assured that your carpets and rugs are in good hands.


CC Image Courtesy of Jessica Spengler on Flickr

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