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8 simple rules when booking a carpet cleaner

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1. Not all carpet cleaners know what they are doing!

Be careful of rogue cleaners who sell this service. While most cleaners will do a fantastic job, not all will have the necessary skills for carpet cleaning. There are many forms of carpet cleaning. You should ask your carpet cleaner which method they use and why it’s the best.

2. Is your chosen carpet cleaner insured?

Some cleaners are not registered for GST thereore will not give you a tax invoice. If you rent your home, a tax invoice is vital for the property manager. Aim Home Services are fully insured.

3. Not all carpet cleaners will return to fix problems.

Ensure that this is communicated with them up front. Does your cleaner guarantee to come back if the property manager has problems? Aim Home Services offer a fully comprehensive 7 day guarantee after every bond clean.

4. Set expectations up front.

If you have stains you are concerned about, ask the carpet cleaner before they start. Often stains will not be removed. To avoid disappointment after the carpet cleaner has left, discuss any concerns up front.

5. Query any free services, and read the small print

Some cleaners offer free stain removal with carpet cleaning. Check that the cleaner guarantees the removal, and that is applies to all stains on the carpet, as more often than not they will only clean one stain for free, and charge for the rest.

6. There are different types of carpet cleaning.

Hot water extraction (steam cleaning), dry cleaning and encapsulation to name a few. Ask which system the carpet cleaner will use and ask why this is the best for your needs.

7. Wet carpets – Even dry cleaning may leave the carpet slightly wet.

After all even dry cleaners spray a detergent of sorts on the carpet. Ask your carpet cleaner about drying times if this is any issue. Many carpet cleaners will carry drying equipment with them to speed up the process.

8. Does the cleaner need power?

If you are vacating the premises, ask the carpet cleaner if power is required. Portable carpet cleaning machines will require the electricity to be on.

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