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A comprehensive guide to moving offices – Part 1

Moving Offices - A Stress free guide

Moving office may seem like an overwhelming and daunting task – However with detailed and timely planning it can be a walk in the park.

The following checklist offers some ideas to help you with your office move. Lets start with what to look at 4-6 months before you move

  • Allocate a ‘Moving Co-ordinator’
  • Complete a budget
  • Confirm the location your office is moving to, take a visit to the new location, plan for the fit of office workstations spaces etc.
  • Determine whether the new location needs any work prior to the move. If renting arrange for the landlord to co-ordinate these, if buying organise quotes from suitable contractors.
  • Confirm the moving date
  • Advise everyone involved of the office move, the location and date
  • Research office moving quotes from moving companies

By ticking off all the above you will put yourself in a great position come moving day, and eliminate any moving day stresses.

Tomorrow we will discuss what needs to be done 2-4 months before you move office, so check back soon to find out more!

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