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DIY Guide To Repairing Burnt Carpet

DIY Guide To Repairing Burnt Carpet

Your carpet is one of the most beautiful and expensive parts of your home decoration and a big investment. Accidents are understandably aggravating especially those that leave burn marks. No matter how it happened, whether a hot iron was dropped on the carpet, a hot hair straightener placed on the floor or a cigarette fell, the sight of a burn on your carpet is quite unpleasant and annoying. What can you do if your precious carpet is damaged with burns? Read on to learn simple carpet repair tricks to save your carpet from this disaster.

DIY Guide To Repairing Burnt Carpet

Small burns


If only the tip of the carpet fibres is burned, you can cut away the burned fibres with scissors. This only works for small burns such as cigarette burns.


  1. Find an inconspicuous area of the carpet and cut small fibres from that area. It could be a corner of the room, near the baseboards, or under the furniture.
  2. Apply super glue to the burned area, then stick the fibres on it.
  3. Let it dry then trim the fibres with scissors to ensure they are even with the rest of the carpet surface.

Medium-sized Burns

  1. Look for carpet scraps in your storage room and use it to repair the large burn. If you don’t have a spare one, you can look for the same carpet from a different room or an area that isn’t visible.
  2. Once you found a scrap, place it over the burned area. Use it as a pattern for the carpet area to be removed then cut the edges according to the size.
  3. Using a craft knife, cut the large burned area. Try not to cut the pad.
  4. Apply super glue or double sided tape around the hole then place the carpet scrap on the area.
  5. Press the scrap carpet down until it’s firmly glued onto the surface.
  6. Trim the area a to even it out with the rest of the carpet


For larger burns or if you don’t have the time or the skill to deal with this problem yourself, you can have your carpet replaced. But instaling a new carpet should be your last option if all else fails. The better way is to call a professional to help you with carpet repairs. AIM Property Solutions has skilled technicians for all your carpet damage and carpet care needs.


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