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How to Clean, Wash and Dry Curtains

How to clean, wash and dry curtains

Curtains are an elegant addition to homes but are often neglected.

They look so lovely when you first put them up but you really don’t realize how much dust and dirt they collect until, years later, you whisk them open to let in some precious sunshine and a cloud of dust circles the air. Now you are faced with two decisions: wash or replace.

These days, draperies are inexpensive, and people change home decor themes often. When the curtains begin to look dingy, they simply buy new ones – usually as an excuse to redecorate! While we’d never discourage redecorating, there are plenty of reasons to clean your curtains more often than you do now.

Curtains get dirty quickly as they act as a barrier between outside and inside. When you have your windows open, your curtains absorb moisture and attract dirt from the outside. Even on colder days when your windows are closed, cracks and drafts bring in tiny dirt particles.

Curtains can also collect dirts and dust settling from ceiling fans and air conditioning units. Even when you are  giving your house a spring clean you are putting dirt and debris into the air and this is being transferred onto your poor curtains. Taking all this into consideration you can see why its important to clean your curtains on a regular basis!

How to keep up with the dirt and grime on your curtains

No matter how dirty and dusty your curtains get, it would be way too much work to wash them or have them cleaned every week. It would also ruin your drapes. You can, however, get a lot of the dirt and dust off the surface of your curtains by dusting or vacuuming them every week as part of your general household cleaning. You can use a feather duster, static duster, dusting cloths, a damp cloth, or a dusting attachment that fits onto your vacuum cleaner.

Here are a few tips to remember:

  • Start at the top of your curtains and work your way down so the dust falls onto parts you haven’t dusted yet.
  • Concentrate on dusting hems and folds as most of the dust accumulates in those areas.
  • If you use a damp cloth, make sure you dust or vacuum the curtains first to avoid smearing in dirt.
  • It’s best not to use a damp cloth on lightly colored curtains.
  • It’s easier to leave your curtains hanging when you dust them. Consider getting a more secure curtain rod if you aren’t able to hold the curtains taught to vacuum or dust them.
  • Be sure to dust or vacuum both sides of your curtains. Dust and debris collects on the sides facing windows as well, and it can fall onto your floor, cause odor, or cause particles to become airborne allergens.

Steam Cleaning Curtains

Handheld steam cleaners are now widely available and inexpensive enough to be purchased for home use.

But before using a steam cleaner on your curtains, check the manufacturer’s label to be sure steam cleaning is acceptable.

Dry Cleaning Curtains

If your curtain labels say, “Dry Clean Only,” it’s important to follow the directions. Keep in mind, though, that all dry cleaners are not the same. Your neighborhood dry cleaner might not be knowledgeable about different fabrics. They might send their cleaning out to other facilities that may or may not correctly clean your draperies.

Machine Washing Curtains

Machine washable curtains are the easiest and least expensive to clean. There are some tricks to getting the best results. Caution is warranted because the sun does strange things to fabrics, and the fibers become weakened.

Drying Machine Washable Curtains

Always dry your curtains on a gentle cycle (tumble dry is best) with low or no heat. It might take longer, but it will definitely make your curtains last longer.

When all else fails there is always Aim Home Services…

We professionally clean curtains! Give us a ring on 1300 072 244, or visit our curtain cleaning section of our website here

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Are Bed Bugs finally a thing of the past?

There is an old nursery rhyme that goes as follows:

“Good night, sleep tight,

Don’t let the bedbugs bite,

And if they do

Then take your shoe,

And knock ‘em ‘til

They’re black and blue!”

Well as it goes you may not have to use your shoe thanks to a revolutionary product coming out of the USA.

A report issued by the Institute of Biology in London has shown Bed bugs have made a big comeback in the last few years, invading North America, Australia, and Western Europe. The report’s author, Clive Boase who runs a Pest Management Consultancy says “the trend is very worrying, since the mid-1990s, numbers of reported infestations (in England) have almost doubled annually”.

Buggin’ the States

The United States haven’t fared any better from the invasion, where the National Pest Management Association are reporting figures of a 500% increase in Bed Bug numbers in the last few years. The epidemic has spread to the evening news, magazines, the internet and newspapers all reporting alarming stories about Bed Bugs infesting major hotels and even the popular Times Square movie theatres. Businesses in New York are struggling financially with the cost of the drastic pest management alongside the poor economy situation in the States.

The solution

One company is claiming to have come up with a revolutionary new product that eliminates the critters for good. Bed Defense, a company that has been at the forefront in dealing with the increase of Bed Bugs. Their Bed Bug Prevention System which was originally developed for commercial applications is being rolled out to the public. The product hopes to offer home owners an alternative to expensive pest control visits.

The team behind the defense system have taken great care to ensure the product is all natural, easy to use and child and pet safe. The defense system is so easy to use; homeowners simply place it between the mattress and box spring or even on the floor underneath the bed. It instantly gets to work eliminating the Bed Bugs and prevents the bugs from establishing a colony.

Expert recommendations

Entomologist Dr. Jim Harper, an expert in Pest Management who has been in the industry for over 25 years says, “The Bed Defense System is extremely effective at naturally treating Bed Bug infestations, and is so safe, that they are on the EPA’s list of exempt pesticides. I would recommend it to those who are serious about getting rid of their Bed Bug infestations safe and naturally”.

So is this really the end of Bed Bugs in your home/business? We will wait and see, but it could possibly be the start of some ground breaking technology that saves people thousands of dollars a year.

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Does Your Office Have A Dirty Little Secret?

We all know that down time in sick days is a costly expense for businesses and a lot are becoming more proactive these days getting flu shots for their employees to combat this. But are we looking our offices?

Most business owners, CEO’s and Office Managers wait until it looks dirty to have it cleaned. This is too late. When it looks dirty your carpet (the filter) is full.

Just like our homes, our office carpet acts like a filter, trapping damaging air pollutants and in fact with more human traffic than our homes our carpets in our offices are fully loaded with viruses, bacteria, fungi, pollen, chemicals, tars, residue, allergens. However, once your carpet gets “full” it can no longer trap these harmful pollutants, so your staff, fellow colleagues and your customers end up breathing them in.

Carpet and upholstery can also become infested with dust mites whose poo and saliva can trigger asthma attacks, allergies, eczema and rhinitis attacks (Sinus), allergic reactions all illness that can’t be prevented by a flu shot.

The only way you can prevent and rid your carpets (empty your office filter) of these harmful toxins is:

  1. Vacuum daily with a well-sealed high quality HEPA Vacuum Cleaner that can do a much better job of cleaning your carpets than the cheaper vacuum cleaners found at most department stores. Low quality vacuum cleaners are not sealed well! Even many of the so called filtered ones often leak air through gaps in their cases causing dirty air to blow back into your indoor environment!
  2. Professional Steam Cleaning, which is recommended every 6 – 12 months depending on the office (For example an office with constant customer flow will need to be cleaned more often than an office with 2 staff and no customer flow)
  3. A good doormat will stop a lot of toxins right at the door form being walked in
  4. Finally, get a Quality HEPA Air Cleaner or Air Purifier that will remove dust and toxins that rise from the carpet or rug every time you step on it or vacuum

If you follow as many of these precautions as best as possible, you will certainly have a cleaner, healthier and happier office.

Bottom line is…if your carpet already looks dirty it is well overdue for a clean.

With the Flu season upon us, how would your office hold up to a health check?

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licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

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Food to die for special investigation on bugs exposes QLD restaurants

A investigation by the Sunday Mail has openingly named and shamed restaurants in Queensland by publishing the blacklist findings.

Restaurants ranging from Sushi to Coffee cafes, not to mention a popular fast food chicken chain have all been criticised for the state of their establishments, with cockroaches and rats being the main point of concern in many of the reported food safety breaches.

Brisbane was the worst offender receiving over 120 fines for its 6000 licensed restaurants followed by the Gold Coast and Moreton Bay. Councils have made the move to replace the black-list, brought in by the Labor government in 2006 to deter kitchen cowboys with a ‘scores on the doors’ scheme.

The scheme is currently being trialed in Brisbane and Logan where restaurants have volunteered to display their food safety ratings in their windows. The LNP government are currently considering whether to make the scheme mandatory for all restaurants.

Should this new scheme effect you and your business Aim Home Services provide commercial pest control. We can service your premises professionally and cost effectively.

Ring 1300 072 244 to speak to one of our pest control team or alternatively jump online and chat live using our great online chat option.

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Check out our new dust mite video!

 We are proud to release to the world the Premiere of our new Dust mite advert starring Damo the dust mite now showing on our Youtube channel and our facebook fan page!

Dust mites occur all over the home, eespecially your cosy mattress. Dust mites multiply at dramatic rates and feast on your dead skin cells whilst you sleep.

To keep up to date with all our future videos like us on our Facebook fan page or join us on our dedicated Youtube channel. Finally we tweet after every new video release so follow us on Twitter too!

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The Rug Spa comes to Aim Home Services

Aim Home Services has set up a Rug Spa to ensure your delicate family heirlooms get the care they need and deserve.

Whether it be the Persian rug passed down from your grandmother, or the kids play rug we have a solution to your cleaning requirements.  Let’s face it who doesn’t love to spend a day at the spa being pampered?

To find out more visit the rug cleaning section of our website, or give us a call on 1300 072 244.

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