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5 Reasons Rug Pads Are Important

5 Reasons Rug Pads Are Important

Oriental rugs are usually expensive, and their unique design adds a nice touch to your home’s atmosphere. While many homeowners enjoy the warmth and comfort every rug brings to a home; it’s also important to invest in proper padding.  Here are the benefits of getting a rug pad:

5 Reasons Rug Pads Are Important

  1. Provides safety

If you just placed your rug on top of wooden floors, tile, cement or hard flooring, it can cause someone to slip and fall on the floor.  Think about your kids or your elderly relatives and how to keep them from harm. Using a rug pad keeps your expensive investment in place and keeps it from wrinkling.

  1. Keeps your rug flat and clean

Isn’t it annoying to see the rug keep wrinkling? It actually affects the overall aesthetic of your room’s design and style. Using a rug pad keeps your rug flat and makes cleaning easier, too. Imagine yourself vacuuming a rug that keeps on bouncing up due to waves or wrinkles.

  1. Adds Comfort

Rug pads provide extra cushion against pressure between the rug and your hard flooring. It’s definitely more comfortable walking barefoot across an area rug with padding.

  1. Extends the Life of the Rug

As your rug is one of your more expensive investments in the house, you want to keep its excellent condition for as long as you possibly can. Using a rug pad prevents your rug fibres from being crushed. It also decreases the chances of wear and tear affecting the rug’s overall performance.

  1. Protection for your Carpet

Your carpet and area rug are precious decorations that come with a high price tag. In order to protect your carpet from dye transfer from your area rug, it’s recommended to use a rug pad. It acts as protection against staining, and dye transfer.

Aside from using rug pads, get the professionals to clean and care for your rug. AIM Property Solutions offers high-quality rug cleaning to keep your rugs in tip-top shape. You can be assured that your carpets and rugs are in good hands.


CC Image Courtesy of Jessica Spengler on Flickr

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3 Eco-friendly Uses For Your Old Carpet

3 Eco-friendly Uses For Your Old Carpet

Do you ever wonder where all carpets go when they are thrown out after years of use? They are taken to a landfill, but too many discarded carpets might cause problems to the environment.

3 Eco-friendly Uses For Your Old CarpetWhy you shouldn’t quickly throw away old carpets:

Most carpets only decompose completely after 50 years. But not all of the carpet is unfit for use. And yet very little portion of the carpet is recycled and the others are just left to decompose. People should be more aware of how they can recycle and re-use carpets to avoid adding more waste to the environment.

If you have an old carpet you can:

  1. Use it for other things

If the carpet is not good for the living room anymore, you can always put it in another area of the house that is less visible to people. Carpets are very good for insulating heat and noise which means that they can always be used somewhere else. The insulation property of the carpet will help you save on electricity too.

  1. Give it away

If the carpet you are trying to get rid of is still in pretty good condition and can still be used for a few years, it can always be given away to a charity or other places that need them. Animal shelters would love to receive old carpets because animals need them during the cold months of winter.

  1. Bring it to a recycling centre

Recycling carpets is very easy and not as hard as you think. There are recycling depots you can go to where you can bring your carpet.

The recycling centre will examine the carpet fibres and any parts that can still be used. After this is done, the backing of the carpet will be detached from the loops. The loops will then undergo disinfection and cleaning using special equipment. The newly recycled product can now be utilised for new carpets and other flooring items.

Maintain the condition of your current carpet

Carpets need to be cleaned professionally once a year to keep their condition good. You can maintain them regularly, but do not forget to hire carpet cleaners to do the job properly. Vacuuming frequently helps in keeping the surface of the carpet clean and carpet cleaning from professionals like AIM Property Solutions will help your carpet look new and vibrant.


CC Image Courtesy of romana klee on Flickr

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10 Solutions For Toilet and Bathroom Odours

10 Solutions For Toilet and Bathroom Odours

Looking forward to an invigorating shower before going to work or relaxing in your nice bathroom at the end of the day?  Unfortunately, if your bathroom constantly stinks, you might not even want to enter it.

10 Solutions For Toilet and Bathroom OdoursTo keep your toilet and bathroom free of odour, it needs to be cleaned thoroughly. It’s very crucial that the hygiene in your bathroom area is maintained so that no bacteria or bad odour can develop. The smell can cover your entire bathroom and can cause a disturbance even when the bathroom is not being used. Follow these tips to remove toilet and bathroom odour.

  1. Mount an exhaust fan in your bathroom. If you don’t have one, open all the bathroom windows to dispel the odour.
  2. When trying to disinfect and neutralise smells in the bathroom, you can use baking soda, white vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide, which are all stronger than regular detergent and water. This mixture works best in between filthy spaces for odour elimination.
  3. If you have a scented candle, light it up inside the bathroom to replace the smell.
  4. The salty smell found in the bathroom can be removed if you use ammonia when cleaning up the toilet.
  5. You can also use baking soda as a deodorizer. Fill a container with baking soda and leave this open inside the bathroom to get rid of the odour. Change the baking soda after two days and keep refilling until the smell is gone.
  6. Hydrochloric acid can be used to eliminate really nasty smells from the bathroom, but remember to use this chemical only according to the directions suggested and as a last resort.
  7. If your bathroom’s walls and floors are discoloured from all the dirt and grime, you will need to clean your tiles and grout.
  8. Over the years, filth will build up in your bathroom’s floors, ceilings, and walls so they need to be frequently cleaned. The tub, sink, tiles, and shower need to be scrubbed using ammonia. The shower curtain and carpet will also need to be scrubbed. Chlorine bleach can be applied to the tiles of the floor to remove the filth.
  9. Charcoal is not only for grilling. It can also be used to get rid of bad odour from the bathroom.
  10. To keep your bathroom sparkling clean, keep your cleaning agents in the bathroom (safely beyond the children’s reach) and clean every time it is needed. Don’t forget to disinfect the toilet using cleaning agents.


CC Image Courtesy of aimee rivers on Flickr

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3 Signs You Need To Call Professional Carpet Cleaners

3 Signs You Need To Call Professional Carpet Cleaners

With the carpet’s wide array of designs, textures and colours, it becomes the most popular choice for many homeowners. Its exquisite style brings elegance and comfort to your home which can be enjoyed by your family and guests. Moreover, because it’s soft and plush, it’s safe for household occupants when accidental slips or falls happen.

No matter how beautiful your carpet is, it won’t last long without proper maintenance. Your carpet is like a filter that collects all the everyday dirt, debris, spills, dander and soil particles. These can develop into contaminants that can be harmful to you and your family’s health and can potentially damage your carpet in the long run.

Often, when something happens like spills or accidents, we want to deal it with ourselves. But when is the best time to call a professional for carpet cleaning? Here’s a list of situations which will need the expertise of professional carpet cleaners:

3 Signs You Need To Call Professional Carpet Cleaners00

  1. Odours

It can be from your kid’s or pet’s accidents, smokers, bad hygiene, food spills, mould and mildew growth.  These might be the culprits of nasty lingering smells on your carpet. The bacteria associated with the smell needs to be removed for healthy indoor air quality.

  1. If you made a carpet stain worse

Since some of us love to deal with stains ourselves, without the proper knowledge and products, we may worsen the situation and permanently damage our expensive investment.

  1. It’s been at least a year since your last professional cleaning

Depending on your lifestyle and career, it would be hard to clean the carpet on a daily basis. It’s recommended to have your carpet thoroughly cleaned once every year or sooner if there’s a large amount of traffic in some of your carpeted areas. Call a trusted carpet cleaning company, like AIM Property Solutions.

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4 Tips To Protect Your Mattress From Bed Bugs

4 Tips To Protect Your Mattress From Bed Bugs

Even if bed bugs cannot really kill you and they are not the worst that could happen to you, they can still annoy and disturb your sleep. The bad thing about them is that their main source of food is human blood making our skin a perfect target for them. Their bites are very itchy and irritating, and you’ll end up scratching and scratching yourself.

4 Tips To Protect Your Mattress From Bed BugsWhat are bed bugs?

These creatures have six legs, with no wings, are about a quarter-inch long, and are nocturnal. They like to hide in the seams of mattresses, under the sheets and blankets, between wooden floors, in the furniture and wallpaper edges. You can also find them between the fibres of the carpet.

Keeping bed bugs away:

There are only very few products for bed bugs pest management. The best and most effective ways to deal with bed bugs are good habits, high-quality sheets, pillows, and covers for mattresses. You can also look for brands that have bed bug protection. Here’s how you can prevent the bed bugs from getting attracted to your bed.

  1. No food on the bed

When you eat on the bed, the food scraps and crumbs will attract pests including bed bugs even though their main source of food is human blood.

  1. Regular mattress cleaning

Your mattress needs professional deep cleaning at least once a year. Make sure to also vacuum it weekly for its maintenance. Your covers and sheets need to be changed every week. When washing your sheets, it’s advisable to use a high temperature then tumble dry them also at a high temperature. If it’s a hot and sunny day, you can leave them out to dry naturally.

  1. Hot-water extraction for carpets

Vacuum your carpet regularly to remove all sorts of hidden pests. Aside from vacuuming, you also need to get professional cleaning for your carpet at least once a year.

  1. Clothes don’t belong in your bed

As soon as you get home, make sure to change your clothes before lying on your bed because all the dirt and bacteria that are on your clothes from outside will go to your bed.

A bed bug problem is quite annoying so it’s very important that they can’t get to your bed in the first place. Use the tips mentioned to prevent them from invading your bed.

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3 Types of Paint Stains On Your Carpet

3 Types of Paint Stains On Your Carpet

You decided to give your home a fresh look and painted your walls. No matter how careful you were not to spill paint on your flooring, paint stains still managed to splatter on your beautiful carpet. Fortunately, you used latex paint which is much easier to remove. There are different methods to deal with various paint stains on your carpet. However, stain removal success depends on the type of paint and your cleaning technique. Read on to learn a few tips on how to get that stain out of your carpet.

3 Types of Paint Stains On Your Carpet

Act Fast

As soon as you notice spilled paint on your carpet, stop what you are doing and treat it right away. If you let the paint dry, it can permanently stain your carpet and will forever ruin its appearance. Blot up as much paint as you can with an absorbent cloth or paper towels.

Make sure to blot the paint from the outside and work your way into the centre. This will prevent the stain from spreading over the larger area of your carpet. When using a cleaning solution or chemicals, test them first on an inconspicuous area to make sure that the product is safe for carpets.

  1. Latex paint for the walls

Blot the stain off your carpet with absorbent cloth or paper towels. Make a mixture of a teaspoon of detergent and a cup of warm water. Dab the solution on the affected area and blot up as much as paint as possible. Repeat the process until the pesky stain is gone.

  1. Acrylic or water-based paints for school

Acrylic or water-based paints are teachers’ and parents’ favourite as these paints are designed to dissolve in water and can be easily removed. To remove acrylic paint, apply glycerine on the spot and blot. Dab at the stain with rubbing alcohol and a clean rag or cloth to remove the remaining residue. Apply a mixture of mild detergent and water on the area. Clean it up with a sponge, and then vacuum dry.

  1. Oil-based paint

Oil-based paint becomes permanent if you let it sit on your carpet for too long. Turpentine and mineral spirits can be your best friend in handling this type of stain on your carpet. For dried paint, use turpentine. Apply the liquid to the spot and blot with absorbent cloths. Blot again with rubbing alcohol to remove any excess chemical. For a final clean up, rinse the remaining stain with a mixture of mild detergent and water and sponge dry.


CC Image Courtesy of McLevn on Flickr

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