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Wee Wee Wee all the way home

We recently had received a call from one of our customers located in West End who complained of an odour after we cleaned her carpets.

It had become apparent once the relevant questions were asked if she had any pets at her property that the problem could have been possible urine.

Urine leaves the body as an acid and forms an alkaline crystalline salt deposit on the carpet fibre, if left untreated it can penetrate through the underlay and into the sub floor this scenario is worst case.

If you know that your pet has urinated on the carpet it is important that you DO NOT TOUCH it. Call Aim Home Services and one of our experience technicians will come out and inspect the problem area and determine the best course of action.

Treatment option 1 – A topical surface treatment can be applied to the affected area so this stops the urine penetrating further into the carpet and neutralising the stain, thus removing the odour.

Treatment option 2 – Full Restoration.  This requires our technician to lift your carpet and removal the underlay exposing the sub – floor below. An anti – microbial solution would need to be applied to kill all the bacteria and then a sealer needs to be applied which will stop the odour reoccurring. New underlay would need to be installed as it cannot be restored, along with new carpet in the affected area if it is badly visually affected.

So remember to ring Aim Home Services on 1300 072 244 today to rid your carpets of urine and pet accidents.

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A check-list to moving overseas – Part Three

Moving overseas can be a daunting experience, that’s why Aim Home Services are on hand with a check-list to make the move simpler and less stressful.

So its one month before the big move, have you:

  • Set up new bank accounts and prepared the closure of any older accounts
  • Cancelled any subscriptions (i.e magazines, newspapers etc..)
  • Send out change of address letters
  • Organise storage of any items not making the trip
  • Begin to pack items that are not used regularly.
  • Confirm housing in your new location.

Two weeks to go, have you:

  • Backed up any important files from your computer/laptop before packing it.
  • Arrange for the cancellation of your utilities such as electricity, gas and water
  • Organise a cleaner to clean your vacating premises – Aim Home Services, Bond Cleaning Experts
  • Confirm moving arrangements with moving company
  • If travelling with children, organise snacks, games and entertainment to keep them happy
  • Defrost fridge, clean it and air it out

Things to remember to do on the BIG DAY!

  • Disassemble furniture such as beds, tables etc..
  • Collect all keys onto one bunch
  • Confirm delivery address with removal specialists
  • Secure your residence before leaving (if cleaning company are cleaning once you have left arrange with them an appropriate key pick up)
  • Enjoy your big move and new country!

Aim Home Services specialise in move out cleaning, so give us a call on 1300 072 244. Our end of lease/move out cleaning packages start from as little as $185

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A check-list to moving overseas – Part Two

Moving Overseas Part 2

Moving overseas can be one stressful activity that’s why the kind folk at Aim Home Services have devised a check-list to make the move simpler and less stressful.

The move is getting closer, only 2 months to go.

  • Get together and organise all your important/legal documents such as visas, passports, permits, tax records, birth certificates, marriage certificates, financial records  and insurance records and make a copy of them all for back up and keep them separate.
  • Organise medical records for all family members and pets and make copies of these too.
  • Arrange for any ongoing prescriptions to be filled and make sure you have them signed off by your doctor to permit them in your hand luggage
  • Organise school records for your children, make backups of these too.
  • Apply for an international driving license, and research how to qualify for a local license in your new country.
  • Complete a mail redirection form from Australian Post
  • Cancel any monthly services
  • Speak with an accountant about your overseas move and discuss the tax implications. Also notify the ATO (Australian Taxation Office) and the Department of Social Security that you are leaving the country.
  • Ensure your tax returns are up to date
  • Cancel any private health insurance, arrange new health insurance.

Remember Aim Home Services specialise in move out cleaning, so give us a call on 1300 072 244. Our end of lease/move out cleaning packages start from as little as $185

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A check-list to moving overseas

Moving Overseas

Moving overseas is one of the biggest tasks you can set yourself in life. We have put together a comprehensive check-list to make the move simpler and less stressful.

First off are the things to consider three months before you move

  • Seek quotes and book your international removals company
  • Submit a complete moving plan with the company above, set the date, amount of storage you need, and location for your items to be delivered to.
  • Organise appropriate insurance such as travel insurance, medical, moving and shipping
  • Check all passports are valid and apply for visas and work permits if needed
  • Research any vaccinations requirements for your country of arrival, and arrange appointments.
  • If you have family pets arrange transportation and necessaryvaccinations
  • Book flights and accommodation for arrival, check any hand luggage requirements.
  • Start gathering maps, travel guides, phrase dictionaries, anything you think you will need to blend into your new country.
  • Research schools in your new country, and enquire about enrolment
  • Review belongings, and evaluate which are actually needed. Sell unnecessary items at a garage sale to raise much needed cash, or donate to charities
  • Decide whether to sell your car or arrange for transportation to your new country
  • Start researching houses in your new location.

Please note the above list is not a definitive list, but by skimming over the majority of these considerations it will stand you in good stead before the big move.

Remember if you need a professional end of lease cleaner or a thorough clean to help sell your home, give Aim Home Services a call on 1300 072 244. Our end of lease/move out cleaning packages start from as little as $185

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A comprehensive guide to moving offices – Part 3

So you have ticked off all the criteria on the last two checklists, and now there is only 1 month to go before the big office move. Below we detail the things to make sure you organise to keep the move stress free.

Things to organise 1 month before the move:

  • Organise disconnection and connection of utilities such as water, electricity, phone etc at current premises and new premises
  • If installing a new phone system arrange this installation and connection with your communication provider before moving into the new premises
  • Grab plenty of moving boxes. Most moving companies will have these, but may charge extra.
  • Order new stationery, business cards etc with your new address and contact details on
  • Make a list of all your office furniture and IT equipment so you have a clear idea of how much you have to move. It is a good idea to label all items so moving them between premises is quicker and easier.
  • Complete a mail redirection form from Australia Post
  • Discuss the move with your employees, and formulate a moving plan
  • Organise/Book-in a maintenance contractor to remove old signage from your premises after you have moved out

Tomorrow we conclude our moving out posts with part 4, the final checklist detailing the must do’s on the week of the move.

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A comprehensive guide to moving offices – Part 2

Yesterday we discussed the finer points of an office move that was 6 months away, today we bring the check-list forward and talk about the must do’s 2-4 months away.

  • You will have already researched  moving companies. Decide the one you want and book them in for your move. The earlier you book, the more chance they will be available
  • Discuss the move with your IT department and make plans to move all the IT equipment. If you do not have an IT department there are external contractors who specialise in IT removal who you can contact for advice and service.
  • Contact Commercial Office cleaners like Aim Home Services to obtain quotes and book one in to complete the vacate clean of your departing premises
  • Arrange the signage for the new premises

If you are doing the office move independently and not hiring a removal company you will need to organise the following to move your office:

  • Moving truck (unless you are feeling strong)
  • Furniture Pads/Newspaper
  • Packaging tape
  • Permanent Markers
  • Cleaning supplies to clean the old premises. Alternatively you could give Aim Home Services a call, we do end of lease cleans from $199, 7 day call back guarantee
  • Arrange IT department or IT consultant/contractor to plan the details around moving your network, servers, hosting etc. Also make sure all the reconnection’s of these are in place for the new premises.

Check back tomorrow as we list the requirements for an office move that is only 1 month away

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