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Is DIY Carpet Repair Cheaper?

Is DIY Carpet Repair Cheaper?

Any household has a set of tools that they keep in case some repairing or fixing needs to be done. Some tools also come with instructions on how you can repair items, but for carpets you will have to consider whether to repair it yourself or hire professionals. If you are thinking of doing the repair yourself, you need to know if it will be worth your time and effort compared to hiring a professional.

Is DIY Carpet Repair Cheaper?

The cost of repair tools

There are different prices for the tools available for repairing carpets. Aside from a power stretcher, you also need to get your own toolbox that has a glue gun, a straight-edge knife, and other tools. You might end up spending more for tools compared to hiring professional carpet cleaners, but that could also depend on the size of the rooms. If you are skilled and quick in repairing your carpet, this can be used to determine if it is worth it to hire professional cleaners. If however you spend a lot of time on this task and it takes you more than one day, it would be better to hire professionals who can get the job done in a few hours.

Is DIY carpet repair difficult?

It depends on how bad the problem is and what experience you have in repairing carpets. If it only requires a simple job, you can do it yourself because it will not consume too much of your time. This sounds very simple, but, of course, there can be other factors that will make things difficult for you. Especially if you want your carpet to look perfect, it’s always better to hire professionals to get the job done. Almost perfect results require a lot of skills and practice. Professional carpet cleaning companies know how to deal with this kind of problem, and you won’t have to worry about finishing the repair in only a few hours. You just have to relax and wait for them to finish so you can enjoy your carpet again.

The bottom line is you need to consider a lot of things before thinking of doing the repair yourself. If you believe you’re capable of doing it without any errors or consuming too much time, you can give it a try. But if you think that it would be too much for you and you’d like to avoid the hassle, get carpet repair experts like AIM Property Solutions and your carpet will be good as new.


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A Basic Guide To Professional Rug Cleaning

A Basic Guide To Professional Rug Cleaning

People may think that rug cleaning and carpet cleaning are similar in some ways, but the cleaning process is actually entirely different.

The process starts with taking the rug out of the house, usually needing to be cleaned in a factory specially for rug cleaning. Some rug cleaning plants are big and can easily clean a lot of rugs using the right equipment and solutions for cleaning. Most rug cleaning plants are small though and can only take in 12 at a time. Whether the rug plant is small or large, the cleaning is still professional and effective.

A Basic Guide To Professional Rug Cleaning

What happens during rug cleaning?

Before anything else, an inspection is done to check the front and the back of the rug to detect potential and existing problems.

Next is dry soil removal, which is considered to be the key to cleaning rugs. Dry soil is abrasive and can chafe the fibres that make up the rug. This will lead to a dull appearance that cannot be eliminated by cleaning. Regular vacuuming is not enough to maintain rugs because their fibres are often woven tightly or quite dense. This dry soil removal or dusting step also involves lifting the pile and vacuuming.

A check is done on the dyes that of the rug to find out if they will become unstable while the cleaning process is being done. If there are any concerns, the dyes can be stabilized using special products.

The surface of the rug is then treated with a special type of shampoo, and the rug is brushed with a rotary pad machine.

Next, the rug needs to be rinsed so that any remaining shampoo and other residue will be washed away.

Finally, when letting rugs dry, they should be laid flat rather than hung, to avoid issues like the rug’s deforming or warping.

Are rugs always cleaned off-site?

There are rug cleaners who prefer cleaning off-site because there are parts of the cleaning process which cannot be done at home. Some owners might consider cleaning rugs off-site impractical since there are rugs which cost less than getting a professional clean. Rugs can be cleaned at home if there are enough correct cleaning agents available although this is discouraged since it’s not the best option.

How do you treat rugs with tough stains?

Rugs that are badly soiled due to pet waste and other contaminants call for full-immersion cleaning. As the name implies, the rug is completely immersed and thoroughly washed. For extreme cases like these, make sure that the cleaners you will hire have everything they need for full-immersion cleaning.

Proper rug cleaning is important to prolong your rug’s life and beauty, so hire the best company. AIM Property Solutions provides top quality cleaning processes and solutions for all rugs and carpets.


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5 Best Reasons You Should Hire Us as Your Carpet Cleaners

5 Best Reasons To Hire Us as Your Carpet Cleaners

As soon as you wake up in the morning and step on your clean carpeted floor, you’ll have a feeling of freshness because everything you walk on looks pleasant. You don’t want to be walking on a carpet that is dirty, dusty, and full of mites. This will also give you difficulty sleeping because you can smell the odour that has accumulated in your carpet over time. To keep your carpet looking new and clean, call us now.  We are the best carpet cleaning providers in the business.

5 Best Reasons To Hire Us as Your Carpet Cleaners

Why us?

  1. Trained professionals

You can clean your carpet on a daily basis, but you don’t have the proper equipment and knowledge on how to clean your carpet extensively. Professional cleaners know how to handle all types of carpets because they can identify proper cleaning methods so that your carpet will last longer.

  1. Technologically advanced

The equipment we use is the latest in the market, to ensure that your carpet dust mites, dirt, and stains will be fully eliminated. The chemicals we apply for treatment are not harmful to either humans or animals, in case you have pets inside the house.

  1. Deep cleaning

It’s very easy to get your vacuum and draw out all the visible dirt on your carpet. But as professional carpet cleaners, we have the proper chemicals and machines to give your carpet more deep cleaning so that all of the moisture and hidden dirt will be removed leaving your carpet looking new and restored. The carpet fibres have embedded dirt that you cannot just clean without any special equipment.

  1. Improved carpet appearance

If you have asked professionals to clean your carpet, you will notice that the outcome looks different compared to cleaning it by yourself.  We have the proper chemicals, knowledge, skills, and equipment to clean your carpet without leaving any dirt or any annoying mites behind. Your carpet will have a fresher effect making it look fresh and with no more stains. The parts of your carpet that are discoloured will be restored, and you will feel like your carpet is brand new again.

  1. Certification

Our company is certified to handle your carpet, and our technicians have been taught properly through training. They will be able to answer any questions you have because they have been certified and evaluated. They also follow a set of terms and conditions on how they should handle your carpet to avoid further damage. They have the proper license to clean carpets correctly without committing any mistakes.

These are the top reasons why we are the best people to clean your carpet.  Our technicians took the time to be trained, certified and licensed, plus our support team provides excellent service. You won’t discover a better service for carpet cleaning out there.  Give us a call right away to solve your carpet problems.

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10 Secrets To Minimising Dust At Home

10 Secrets To Minimising Dust At Home

Have you ever experienced dusting your home and having to do it again after a few days because everything is dirty again? Even if you consider dusting to be something you can do for fun, having to do it often is not a good sign. Here are the secrets to having a home that will not accumulate dust for a longer period of time.

10 Secrets To Minimising Dust At Home

  1. Good air filters are a must and should be changed regularly

Air filters are able to contain big dust particles, but the small ones are left behind. What you need are pleated filters to trap both larger and smaller particles. Make sure that the filters are replaced every three months or when you see them visibly dirty.

  1. The air ducts need cleaning

If your air ducts are looking dirty, then they are for sure dirty. Since both the cooled and heated air circulate in the ducts, the ducts need to be regularly cleaned. If they have dust, mould, and some other irritants, then you will be breathing the irritants in from the air circulating in your home.

  1. Mats are important

Mats by the doorway can trap dust and keep them there. Regularly shaking off the dust from the mat is important.

  1. Leave your shoes outside

Leaving your dirty shoes outside the doorway will prevent dirt and other pollutants you have on your shoes from entering the house. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see the difference a simple habit like this can have in your house.

  1. Do not use too many knickknacks

It’s nice to have decoration around the home, but too much of them, and they attract and catch a lot of dust.

  1. Regular dusting is required

If you wipe your surfaces and furnishings regularly, dust will not accumulate or spread into the air you breathe.

  1. Micro-fibre cloths are ideal for dusting

These cloths are more capable of holding dust compared to using an old rag which will only scatter the dust around. You should also wash the cloth after using it so that what you have cleaned will not be dispersed into the air again. Avoid using fabric softeners when you wash the cloth because it will lessen the micro-fibre cloth’s ability to trap dust.

  1. Vacuuming regularly is needed

When you’re done dusting, you should vacuum the house so that the dust left on the carpet and other areas will be cleaned. Area rugs also keep dust so make sure to vacuum them as well.

  1. Your upholstery also needs regular cleaning

Upholstered furniture is more prone dust and dirt compared to hard surfaces. The brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner is what you need for effective upholstery cleaning. Better yet, call up a professional cleaning company like AIM Property Solutions, to clean your upholstery every few months.

  1. Pets need to be groomed outdoors

Allergies are also triggered by pet dander which is why your pets need to be groomed often. Doing pet grooming outdoors will keep the dander from entering your house.


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Get Mud Out of Your Carpet In 3 Simple Steps

Get Mud Out of Your Carpet In 3 Simple Steps

It doesn’t matter where you live. As long as you get winter or the rainy season, there is a chance that there will be mud on your carpet. This is a much bigger problem if you have children or pets because they cannot easily be told not to get mud on the carpet. It’s difficult to get pets completely dry before they enter the house. Children also do not think about their shoes being muddy so they will often forget to clean them or take them off before stepping on the carpet.

Get Mud Out of Your Carpet In 3 Simple Steps

How to clean the mud off your carpet

  1. Dry.

It sounds silly to let the mud dry first, but this will give you an easier time removing it from your carpet. Make sure not to rub the mud because it will end up going deeper in your carpet. In case the mud is still wet, you can take a cloth and use it to blot the mud off from the carpet so that the moisture will not affect the carpet even more.

  1. Vacuum.

After the mud dries, you can now start vacuuming the area to get rid of the dirt. Make sure to perform the vacuuming slowly because that is more effective than passing over the dirt quickly. You should vacuum the area about 2 to 3 times more than the usual and. Make sure to pass over the area with a vacuum at least 16 times and do it from all directions.

  1. Blot.

Once you have completely removed the mud with the vacuum, it is time to apply the detergent. Make a mixture of one teaspoon mild detergent and one cup lukewarm water. If necessary, you can double the amount. Use this to blot the area with a clean white cloth so that you can easily lift the stain from the carpet. Continue blotting until all of the stain is gone, but make sure to switch the towel when needed. After that, take a clean towel or cloth to blot the area again making it dry.

It is also important to put a mat in front of the door so that people will rub their feet on the mat first before entering. This can also be an area where you can clean the feet of pets.

In case you find yourself unsuccessful in mud stain removal, it’s time to contact a professional carpet cleaning company. AIM Property Solutions is equipped with powerful but safe solutions and equipment. We can also perform removal or treatment of specific spots.


CC Image Courtesy of Brad Hagan on Flickr

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3 Differences Between Rental Machines and A Professional Clean

3 Differences Between Rental Machines and Professional Cleaning

Most people think that getting a rental machine is just the same as professional carpet cleaning. It’s important that you are aware of which one would be better for your carpet. Your carpet is an investment, and since it can be very delicate, it needs to get the best care out there. Your carpet will last longer under the care of a good carpet cleaning company, compared to replacing it every few years which will turn out to be more expensive in the long run.

What makes professional carpet cleaning different from using rental machines?

It can be very easy to rent a machine anytime for a very low cost. But if you compare it to the machines being used by professional carpet cleaning companies, their equipment is way more expensive, and the results could be vastly different. It’s true that you usually get what you pay for, and you might end up getting something low quality.

3 Differences Between Rental Machines and A Professional Clean

  1. The technicians are well-trained

Aside from the fact that professional carpet cleaning companies have the best equipment, they also have technicians who have been properly trained and are able to identify the types of stains and what type of cleaning solutions are needed to treat them.

Even the cleaning chemicals should not be gotten at a very low price because these can be very harsh and harmful to carpet fibres. When you get a rental machine, there is a chance that the chemicals in the cleaning solutions you will use will be very harsh on the carpet.

  1. It’s the better option

Carpet manufacturers recommend regularly vacuuming the carpet and hiring a professional carpet cleaning company every 12 to18 months to give the carpet the best maintenance it needs. Using a rental machine can cause the carpet fibres to shrink.

  1. Professional carpet cleaning is a process

Professional carpet cleaners like AIM Property Solutions use a highly effective and safe process. We will first do a thorough check on the carpet to see the stains present on the fibres. We will use our vacuum cleaners to get rid of any soiling. A conditioning agent will be sprayed onto the carpet to loosen the soiling, and the individual stains can be removed with the right solutions.

Our machines will be set to a very high temperature so that all of the soiling and moisture will be eliminated. We will inspect the carpet for any missed spots, and we provide extra cleaning to eliminate them completely. We will always leave your carpet looking excellent, and we can assure you that your carpet will dry right away.  We also offer other services to preserve the good condition of your carpet.

As you can see, it would be better to hire a professional carpet cleaning company rather than getting rental machines. Let the experts handle the job and your carpet will be clean and beautiful once again in just a few hours.

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