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Brissy Carpet Cleaners can assist with your Body Corporate General Garden Maintenance, our friendly technician can meet you on-site to provide you with a quote for services including:

  • general garden clean-up including clearing of leaves and water high-pressure hosing of driveways and entry areas
  • preparing and maintaining the seedbeds and growing sites
  • preparing lawn areas by spreading top soil and planting grass
  • maintaining planted and grassed areas by weeding, trimming, fertilising, watering and mowing
  • pruning trees and hedges, and installing plant support and protection devices
  • setting out and installing hard scape and soft scape structures
  • examining trees to assess their condition and determine treatment
  • lopping limbs off trees and shaping branches using chain and handsaws
  • Spraying and dusting plants and trees to control insects and diseases and felling diseased trees

We can arrange on-going maintenance and work with you to tailor your needs to get the best service possible.

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