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3 Essentials For Maintaining Shag Carpets

3 Essentials For Maintaining Shag Carpets

Most homeowners think a shag carpet is an old design which went out of fashion years ago. That’s completely untrue. Shag carpets are still preferred by some and people who use them enjoy them just the same. There are proper ways to care for a shag carpet, and if you consider buying one someday, you should know how to maintain it.

3 Essentials For Maintaining Shag Carpets

  1. Vacuuming

Like regular carpets, shag carpets must also be vacuumed, but there’s a technique you should use. Make sure that before you start vacuuming, the beater bar is not switched on. Also, the brushes of the vacuum should not directly touch the carpet. You just have to extract all the dirt without the brush touching the fibres because this might cause wear, tear, and warping.

  1. Rake for grooming

Rakes are not only for the yard. Carpets need them too. There are even shag rakes specially made for shag carpets. Using a rake will help make the carpet look great. Be sure to rake the carpet in only one direction so that all the fibres fluff up and look neat and groomed.

  1. Yearly steam cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning, particularly steam cleaning, is recommended by carpet manufacturers so that all of the dust mites, bacteria, pollen, dirt, and germs that live in your carpet will be killed and removed.

You can opt for DIY steam cleaning, but hiring a certified and licensed carpet cleaning company will make all the difference. Professionals have the proper tools, equipment, and cleaning solutions to care for your shag carpet. Additionally, this will save you the trouble of doing everything yourself. Most importantly, professional carpet cleaning protects your carpet. There have been some cases where well-meaning owners inadvertently damaged their carpet through DIY carpet cleaning.

If you need a trusted company, AIM Property Solutions is always here, ready for your call. Just let us know and we can help you maintain your shag carpet to make it last longer.


CC Image Courtesy of Amelia Bellows on Flickr