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How To Maintain the Beautiful Colours of Your Carpet

How To Maintain the Beautiful Colours of Your Carpet

A carpet that retains its vibrant colours over the years is indeed a beautiful thing to behold. Most carpet owners do not know the best ways to keep their carpet and its colours in top condition. One thing you need to remember is that carpet is similar to fabric and its colours can fade. Most carpet discolouration is caused by chemicals that we use in the household.

Here are some tips on how to keep your carpet looking vibrant and new all the time:

How To Maintain the Beautiful Colours of Your Carpet

  • Do not let sunlight touch your carpet

The strong rays from the sun will weaken the material and colours of your carpet. Make it a habit to close the windows or draw the shades when you leave the room.

  • Hands and feet should always be clean

Even the chemicals found in the cosmetics and body products we use can cause discolouration. If you’ll be touching the carpet, make sure that your hands are clean. Your feet should be covered with socks or you can wear house slippers if you’re going to step on your carpet.

  • Do not let pet stains linger on your carpet

Pets are adorable, but they can also pee and poop on your carpet. Spills and accidents need to be cleaned right away, especially if it’s pet urine which will ruin the colour of your carpet.

  • Inform the carpet cleaning company

The cleaning products bought from stores are more or less effective spot and stain removers, but they are not always safe for your carpet. They can still leave a mark on your carpet which can become permanent. It is best to let a professional carpet cleaning company, like AIM Property Solutions, handle your carpet so that the proper cleaning solutions and tools are used. Our carpet cleaning technicians are trained and qualified so we know which products and methods are good for your carpet. Call us today for all your carpet care needs.


CC Image Courtesy of Nikos Anagnostou on Flickr