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Keeping Kids Safe When You Need Carpet Cleaning

Keeping Kids Safe When You Need Carpet Cleaning

For young children, especially babies and toddlers, crawling on the carpet is wonderful playtime. Unfortunately, they can be at risk from contaminants present in your carpet. These potential health risks come not only from bacteria hiding in your carpet but may also arise from the carpet cleaning itself. Here’s what you should know and how you can keep your kids safe.

Keeping Kids Safe When You Need Carpet Cleaning

What happens when your carpet gets wet

You need to act right away when something spills on your carpet. Blot it up until all moisture is absorbed. Mould will soon develop in a matter of hours if you leave the carpet wet. Your toddler might touch the carpet contaminated with bacteria and mould.

Safe cleaning solutions

The cleaning solutions that we use for removing spots and stains on the carpet are not always safe for children. Before buying, check the label if it might be toxic to children. Even if they only inhale fumes from the chemical, it is just as harmful to their health.

Eco-friendly cleaning company

Hiring a professional cleaning company does not mean that you are completely safe from anything. Some companies use cleaning solutions that contain toxins that are much more potent but also more harmful than those we normally use at home. The effect also lasts longer so make sure that you are choosing a good cleaning company that will not use any harsh cleaning solutions to treat your carpet.

Your plan of action

Vacuum the carpet frequently. Get rid of any spills on your carpet. Remove stains right away by blotting them. Use doormats to minimize dust in your home. Double check the labels of your cleaning solutions. Make sure they are free of toxins and all-natural. Finally, choosing a good carpet cleaning company matters a lot. Responsible carpet cleaning service providers will use eco-friendly and non-toxic solutions.

AIM Property Solutions is the carpet cleaning company you can rely on for superior results and safe cleaning solutions. Give us a call today and set an appointment.


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The Right Way To Clean Carpet Tiles

The Right Way To Clean Carpet Tiles

There are people who prefer carpet tiles over wall to wall carpeting, and you might be one of them. Carpet tiles or squares have a more trendy and modern look. To maintain its appeal longer, you need to keep them clean. Here’s some general carpet cleaning advice which is also true when caring for carpet tiles.

You first have to observe which area gets the most traffic because the carpet tiles in that area have a greater tendency to get stained or easily wear out. Regularly vacuum your carpet, paying close attention to high-traffic areas. Vacuum those every other day, if you can. Clean up spills and stains right away and do not give them time to set in.

The Right Way To Clean Carpet Tiles

Avoid rubbing

Whenever something spills on your carpet tiles, do not make the mistake of rubbing it off. That will only make the stain sink deeper. Blot the area carefully with a clean cloth instead.

Harsh chemicals need to be avoided

Don’t be too quick at grabbing just any cleaning solution to clean the stain after blotting. You can use a small amount of vinegar and water to clean the stain without causing more damage to the carpet. Be sure to pre-test any cleaning solution you’re trying on an inconspicuous part of the carpet first.

One great advantage of carpet tiles

There is one thing that significantly differentiates the carpet tile from a regular carpet. When an area is heavily and permanently soiled, all you need to do is remove the stained tiles and use your spare carpet tiles to replace them. The only thing that might bother you is that the new carpet squares will be more distinct because they look newer than the rest of the carpet tiles. Another option is to take a clean square from an area that is not exposed and use that to change the stained one.

Whenever you need carpet cleaning, stain removal or carpet repair services, you can always call up professionals like AIM Property Solutions to do the job right. We have all the necessary tools and cleaning solutions to solve all your carpet concerns.


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5 Things You Must Do To Increase Your Carpet’s Life

5 Things You Must Do To Increase Your Carpet’s Life

A carpet is a good investment which is why you need to do what you can to make it last longer. With the benefits, added appeal, and comfort that beautiful carpets provide to your home, you would not want them to get ruined right away. You especially need to pay attention to carpets that are placed in high traffic areas and get a lot of activity because they tend to wear out sooner.

Here are the top five ways you can increase your carpet’s lifespan:

5 Things You Must Do To Increase Your Carpet’s Life

  1. Regular vacuuming and taking care of your vacuum cleaner

Vacuum your carpet at least two times a week. If you have children or pets, aim to vacuum daily. Focus on places that get high traffic every day. Before attaching anything to your vacuum cleaner, make sure the brush is clean. When your vacuum cleaner bag is already half full, it’s time to replace it to maintain its efficiency. Change the brush as well when needed.

  1. Walk-off mats are important

Make sure to place a walk-off mat at every entry point of your house so that people will automatically rub their feet and leave dirt behind. The mat should be strong enough to withstand the dirt you will be putting on it to avoid contamination. The mat also needs to be heavy enough that it will stay flat on the ground, with a rubber pad to avoid bunching. The mat will need to be cleaned every so often so it would help if you get a mat that’s easy to wash.

Aside from the entry areas, it’s a good idea to position mats in areas between rooms with carpets. You can also place a mat in the kitchen so that people can wipe off oil spills and scraps of food that may have stuck to their shoes.

  1. Get rid of spills and stains right away

Once you see something spill on your carpet, act right away. A general spot cleaning solution is good to have in the house for situations like these to get spills off immediately. You can also check our stain removal articles to guide you on the best methods for removing minor stains.

  1. Get professionals to reapply stain and soil resistant treatment

Even if you’ve done this before, the cleaning process can lessen its effectiveness. After having your carpet professionally cleaned, have it treated once again with soil and stain resistant products.

  1. Professional carpet cleaning every year

A lot of people wait until their carpet is practically unrecognizable before they have their carpet cleaned. This is bad news for the carpet as abrasive particles that get stuck because of oil residues can cause damage. When the oil has already settled deep in the carpet, even vacuuming will not be able to remove it. With regular professional cleaning, you can help prevent oil residues from compressing and clumping together in the carpet. Carpet manufacturers recommend professional carpet cleaning every 12 months for carpets that are not very dirty and every 3-6 months for homes with children or pets. When it’s time to clean your carpets, trust only the best. AIM Property Solutions has teams of carpet cleaning and stain removal experts who will give your carpet the best care possible.


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Carpet Stain Removal Tips_Soy Sauce

Carpet Stain Removal Tips: Soy Sauce

Putting soy sauce on food adds a lot of flavour and aroma to your dish, making it more appetizing. Soy sauce is great for your food, but not for your carpets. When soy sauce gets spilled on your carpet, the resulting stain will, unfortunately, stand out and worse, emit an unpleasant odour. Even if it’s very hard to remove soy sauce’s dark stains, it’s not impossible. Here are the steps to follow for easy stain removal of those ugly soy sauce carpet stains.

Carpet Stain Removal Tips_Soy Sauce

How to get rid of soy sauce stain:

  • Blot.

Use paper towels to carefully blot the soy sauce spill. Make sure to do this right away. You need to keep the spill from soaking deeper into the carpet. Remove as much soy sauce as you can by repeatedly blotting.

  • Ammonia.

Mix a tablespoon of ammonia and half a cup of water. Place the ammonia solution in a spray bottle and squirt some on the stain. Give it a few minutes for the solution to take effect.

  • Blot once more.

The stained area needs to be blotted again using paper towels. The stain will be absorbed by the paper towels and gradually start to disappear. Continue to apply the solution and blot until you are able to completely get rid of the stain.

  • Rinse.

To eliminate any residue on the carpet from the solution, rinse the stained area with water. It’s best to use a spray bottle to lightly spray the area. Again, blot gently.

  • Dry.

To dry the carpet, press paper towels on the area to absorb any remaining moisture until the area becomes completely dry. Aside from paper towels, clean rags can also do the job.

Soy sauce needs to be removed right away to avoid ruining your carpet. This kind of mess must not be neglected. For stains that have already set, you need help from the experts. Contact AIM Property Solutions. Our carpet cleaning and stain removal methods will bring life back to your carpet.


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Taking Care Of Your Dining Room and Kitchen Carpets

Taking Care Of Your Dining Room and Kitchen Carpets

If your carpet is located in an area where people usually eat or drink, it will always be in danger of spills. Does this mean you should never place carpets in your dining room or kitchen? Not at all. There are tips you can follow to prevent spills and stains on your carpet. Your carpet is in good hands if you know how to take care of it.

Taking Care Of Your Dining Room and Kitchen Carpets

Maintaining dining room and kitchen carpets:

  • Since it is in an area where there is a lot of food, put stain repellent on your carpet so that you can prevent stains from penetrating the carpet right away. You can get these from stores or ask a carpet cleaning company to treat your carpet.
  • Plastic mats under the chairs of small children are great at keeping food away from your carpet. You can do the same for your pet’s food area.
  • To make sure that all crumbs are swept off the carpet, you can vacuum the area quickly every after you eat. There are small vacuums you can purchase to make cleaning after meals easier for you.
  • Having white towels readily available is advisable. When something spills on the carpet, you need to soak up the spill right away. Remove as much liquid as you can. The towel needs to be white so that you can see how much of the liquid you’ve removed so far and to prevent any dye from transferring to the carpet. Just put the towels in the washer with bleach to make them white again.
  • Using a dust pan and a broom, sweep up large pieces of crumbs that the vacuum can’t remove. Make sure to pick up everything you see because leaving food crumbs on the carpet can lead to other problems like pests.

With these carpet cleaning tips, you won’t have difficulty keeping your carpets in your dining and kitchen areas spotless and attractive.

For your carpet’s routine maintenance, call AIM Property Solutions. We produce amazingly clean results for your carpets, rugs, upholstery and mattress.


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Your Carpet’s Cleaning Timetable

Your Carpet’s Cleaning Timetable

There are different opinions when it comes to taking care of your carpet at home. Some people tend to stick to their favourite brands of shampoo and even use all-natural products that are both safe and organic. There is also a comparison between the right PH level of cleaning products, the amount of solution used, and the correct temperature. Despite the differences in cleaning strategies, there are certain standards and rules that all professional cleaners have in common. Here’s the carpet cleaning timetable that professionals recommend.

Your Carpet’s Cleaning Timetable

  • Clean it everyday. You need to do daily cleaning by vacuuming the carpet. This will clean and remove the dust, soil, and dander found on the surface of the carpet fibres. Vacuuming is also able to get rid of all allergens and particles so that your home will not have any germs or bacteria that can cause health problems in the future.
  • Monthly maintenance. Conduct spot cleaning and vacuuming once a month. What makes this different from normal regular cleaning is that spot cleaning needs to be done right after something has spilled on the carpet. When doing routine maintenance, concentrate on taking care of areas with high traffic, old stains that were never cleaned, and bringing back the carpet’s original condition.
  • Some household situations require cleaning every six Areas that are regularly subjected to high traffic from frequent guests going in and out of the home should be cleaned every six months. These areas will wear out sooner than other less exposed parts of the house. Homes with pets and children should also be cleaned every six months because of the higher tendency for spills from food and stains from urine, vomit or faeces.
  • Professional deep cleaning every year. Yearly maintenance not only focuses on spots that have major problems but covers the whole carpet. Even carpets that do not look very dirty should be cleaned at least once every 12 months. Hot water extraction is the best technique for professional deep cleaning and is highly recommended by carpet manufacturers.

Follow this timetable and your carpet will get the best maintenance. It will have a longer lifespan allowing you to use it for years. For top quality carpet cleaning and stain removal services, call AIM Property Solutions. You can depend on us to give your carpet the finest care and attention.


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