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Carpet Stain Removal Tips_Soy Sauce

Carpet Stain Removal Tips: Soy Sauce

Putting soy sauce on food adds a lot of flavour and aroma to your dish, making it more appetizing. Soy sauce is great for your food, but not for your carpets. When soy sauce gets spilled on your carpet, the resulting stain will, unfortunately, stand out and worse, emit an unpleasant odour. Even if it’s very hard to remove soy sauce’s dark stains, it’s not impossible. Here are the steps to follow for easy stain removal of those ugly soy sauce carpet stains.

Carpet Stain Removal Tips_Soy Sauce

How to get rid of soy sauce stain:

  • Blot.

Use paper towels to carefully blot the soy sauce spill. Make sure to do this right away. You need to keep the spill from soaking deeper into the carpet. Remove as much soy sauce as you can by repeatedly blotting.

  • Ammonia.

Mix a tablespoon of ammonia and half a cup of water. Place the ammonia solution in a spray bottle and squirt some on the stain. Give it a few minutes for the solution to take effect.

  • Blot once more.

The stained area needs to be blotted again using paper towels. The stain will be absorbed by the paper towels and gradually start to disappear. Continue to apply the solution and blot until you are able to completely get rid of the stain.

  • Rinse.

To eliminate any residue on the carpet from the solution, rinse the stained area with water. It’s best to use a spray bottle to lightly spray the area. Again, blot gently.

  • Dry.

To dry the carpet, press paper towels on the area to absorb any remaining moisture until the area becomes completely dry. Aside from paper towels, clean rags can also do the job.

Soy sauce needs to be removed right away to avoid ruining your carpet. This kind of mess must not be neglected. For stains that have already set, you need help from the experts. Contact AIM Property Solutions. Our carpet cleaning and stain removal methods will bring life back to your carpet.


CC Image Courtesy of Andy Melton on Flickr