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Keeping Kids Safe When You Need Carpet Cleaning

Keeping Kids Safe When You Need Carpet Cleaning

For young children, especially babies and toddlers, crawling on the carpet is wonderful playtime. Unfortunately, they can be at risk from contaminants present in your carpet. These potential health risks come not only from bacteria hiding in your carpet but may also arise from the carpet cleaning itself. Here’s what you should know and how you can keep your kids safe.

Keeping Kids Safe When You Need Carpet Cleaning

What happens when your carpet gets wet

You need to act right away when something spills on your carpet. Blot it up until all moisture is absorbed. Mould will soon develop in a matter of hours if you leave the carpet wet. Your toddler might touch the carpet contaminated with bacteria and mould.

Safe cleaning solutions

The cleaning solutions that we use for removing spots and stains on the carpet are not always safe for children. Before buying, check the label if it might be toxic to children. Even if they only inhale fumes from the chemical, it is just as harmful to their health.

Eco-friendly cleaning company

Hiring a professional cleaning company does not mean that you are completely safe from anything. Some companies use cleaning solutions that contain toxins that are much more potent but also more harmful than those we normally use at home. The effect also lasts longer so make sure that you are choosing a good cleaning company that will not use any harsh cleaning solutions to treat your carpet.

Your plan of action

Vacuum the carpet frequently. Get rid of any spills on your carpet. Remove stains right away by blotting them. Use doormats to minimize dust in your home. Double check the labels of your cleaning solutions. Make sure they are free of toxins and all-natural. Finally, choosing a good carpet cleaning company matters a lot. Responsible carpet cleaning service providers will use eco-friendly and non-toxic solutions.

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