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Caring For Your Newly Installed Carpet

Caring For Your Newly Installed Carpet

Getting a new carpet at home is great, but keeping it in top condition requires effort. Your carpet will stay beautiful with regular maintenance and professional cleaning every year. The lifespan of a carpet is normally between 8 to 10 years, but it may last longer depending on the kind of carpet, quality of materials and how you take care of it.

Caring For Your Newly Installed Carpet

Vacuum frequently

Dirt on the carpet’s surface will be removed with regular vacuuming. This should be done at least once every week especially if someone in your home smokes or has allergies. Pay special attention to areas that get a lot of traffic; these will need to be vacuumed every day. Vacuuming will also help with damages and prevents uneven wearing out of carpets.

Keep it protected

The presence of blinds and shades in your home will keep the carpet safe from sunlight. Do not forget to pull your window coverings down every time you leave your home. Area rugs are also ideal for places in your home that get a lot of traffic. Piling can be prevented by moving around furniture and by putting coasters under each leg of the furniture when you move them around.

Treat spots and stains

You should be careful about using any cleaning product to clean carpets because they can also cause damages. Remember that stains should be blotted not wiped. If the spill has the tendency to leave a stain, it’s always ideal to contact professionals to clean it up for you. If you decide to remove the stain yourself, do not be too harsh when rubbing the stain; this might cause more problems.

Professional carpet cleaning

To remove any residue or soils that have been trapped over time in your carpet, have it thoroughly cleaned at least once every 12 months. Professional cleaners should be hired to help with this kind of maintenance for your carpet in order to ensure the best results.

Always refer to the experts in keeping your carpet well-maintained. AIM Property Solutions specialises in carpet cleaning and stain removal, assuring you of a wonderfully clean carpet that will last for years.


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4 Situations When You’ll Need Carpet Cleaners

4 Situations When You’ll Need Carpet Cleaners

Even if your carpet looks clean on the outside, it still needs professional cleaning. Large stains can easily be detected and you know what to do when something spills on your carpet. A greater concern though is the dirt and bacteria hidden deep inside the fibres. There are problems that need to be detected early and you would not want to wait to notice them only when you start smelling unpleasant odours.

Knowing when to call a professional carpet cleaning company is important. Here are the most common situations when you need to ask for expert help.

4 Situations When You’ll Need Carpet Cleaners

  1. Large spills and old stains

When your house gets a lot of activity because you have children, pets, or guests, your carpet is exposed to different pollutants. It’s even more important to contact professional carpet cleaners regularly. People usually immediately think of using detergents to get rid of any dirt on their carpet but if they use the wrong products, this can leave the carpet with worse stains. Make it a habit to contact professional carpet cleaners to make the most of your carpet’s lifespan and maintain its great appearance.

  1. Different odours

Pet accidents and smokers are some of the top causes of bad odours inside the home. The smell often lingers because carpets can absorb any odour they are exposed to. You should not neglect your carpet by letting these dirt and odours accumulate. Bad odours also indicate that bacteria is present in the carpet which can cause health problems if left too long.

  1. Scheduled maintenance

Since you need to do other things, it is not impossible that you will miss out on vacuuming your carpet regularly. Professional cleaning once a year will certainly help in the proper maintenance of your carpet. Weekly or daily vacuuming will also keep surface dirt from going deeper, but professional carpet cleaners will be able to eliminate the dirt and bacteria that are found deep in the base.

  1. Time for your spring clean

A lot of people do spring cleaning every so often and they think this is enough to care for their home. Unfortunately, this can cause them to end up neglecting their carpet. You need to remind yourself that carpets require regular cleaning every year.

When professionals are hired to clean your carpet, you will be sure that even the carpet’s base is clean because thorough cleaning is being done. The lifespan of your carpet will be maximised and it will stay in excellent condition longer. When it’s time for your professional carpet cleaning, call AIM Property Solutions. We’ll clean and care for your carpet like no one else can.


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Cleaning During Winter Is Just as Important

Cleaning During Winter Is Just as Important

A majority of carpet owners easily believe that when it comes to cleaning, spring is when you should do it together with all your spring cleaning household chores. The truth is wintertime also brings a lot of mud and dirt inside the house from people who have spent the day outside. Cleaning in winter is just as important as any other season. Here are some cleaning tips you should remember.

Cleaning During Winter Is Just as Important

Protect your floor and carpet

To keep as much dirt and mud outside of your house as possible, put mats in all entry points. This will encourage people to rub mud off their shoes using your mat. Placing mats inside the house can also help reduce dampness. Make sure to perform regular vacuuming to get rid of dirt on the floor. It’s also a good idea to have a different pair of shoes or slippers for you and your household to wear while indoors.

Clean your home more often

During the winter season, people spend most of their time indoors, so it’s best to maintain the cleanliness inside the home. Maintenance is especially important when you have kids because they love to play both outdoors and indoors. It’s essential that you regularly vacuum your flooring. In case there’s a stain on your carpet, do not rub it. Blot it up instead.

Carpet cleaning even in winter

Even if most people do not even think of getting a carpet cleaning service during the winter, having your carpet thoroughly cleaned by professionals helps protect your health. This is also good for helping you prepare for guests that will stay with you during this time. Who doesn’t want a clean and beautiful carpet which contributes to a welcoming atmosphere for their guests? Finally, during the latter part of the winter season, there may also be more dirt building up, so it’s important to keep it clean the whole time.

Don’t wait for spring to give your carpet the care and deep clean it needs. Call AIM Property Solutions today for outstanding carpet cleaning results and effective stain removal methods.


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Is It Good To Stretch The Carpet Before Cleaning?

Is It Good To Stretch The Carpet Before Cleaning?

If you don’t know whether you should clean your carpet first then stretch it, or the other way around, stretch it first before getting professionals for carpet cleaning, then this article is for you. We’ll be talking about why it’s a good idea to stretch your carpet. This is something that can easily be overlooked and neglected, but it does help prolong the life and beauty of your carpet.

Is It Good To Stretch The Carpet Before Cleaning?

Cleaning wrinkled carpets

One of the hardest carpets to clean is a loose one because when you try to vacuum or sweep the dirt, the carpet will start to bunch up. This will make it almost impossible for you to clean it properly, and you will only end up getting frustrated. When you hire professionals to clean, they will also get the same frustration and struggles even if they are already experts. They will try, but the ripples will keep them from giving a deep and thorough cleaning.

Why stretching your carpet is recommended

I’m sure you’ve noticed that when you leave the carpet unattended for a long time, it will begin to have some issues including wrinkles. A lot of people think that they should not be concerned about the wrinkles and that it will not bother them in the long run. Some people may also think that having the carpet repaired will cost them too much, or it will turn out to be very difficult. Regardless of their reasons, they will always end up having to repair or replace the carpet after some time. If you only decide to stretch the carpet after some time, you will start to see lines because the creases have been left there for too long that they already made a mark. These lines will only disappear if you have your carpet cleaned right after stretching restoring your carpet to great condition again.

Make sure to stretch it before cleaning

If you want your carpet to get thorough cleaning, make sure to stretch it first. All the dirt and bacteria hidden in the creases will easily be eliminated. You will not have to worry about wrinkles developing again because the stretching and cleaning process will aid in preventing bunching. The lifespan of your carpet will increase so you can use it longer.

For carpet cleaning, carpet repair including stretching and other carpet care needs, call AIM Property Solutions. Our technicians are highly skilled and certified in caring for and maintaining carpets, rugs, mattresses and upholstery.


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