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Taking Care Of Your Dining Room and Kitchen Carpets

Taking Care Of Your Dining Room and Kitchen Carpets

If your carpet is located in an area where people usually eat or drink, it will always be in danger of spills. Does this mean you should never place carpets in your dining room or kitchen? Not at all. There are tips you can follow to prevent spills and stains on your carpet. Your carpet is in good hands if you know how to take care of it.

Taking Care Of Your Dining Room and Kitchen Carpets

Maintaining dining room and kitchen carpets:

  • Since it is in an area where there is a lot of food, put stain repellent on your carpet so that you can prevent stains from penetrating the carpet right away. You can get these from stores or ask a carpet cleaning company to treat your carpet.
  • Plastic mats under the chairs of small children are great at keeping food away from your carpet. You can do the same for your pet’s food area.
  • To make sure that all crumbs are swept off the carpet, you can vacuum the area quickly every after you eat. There are small vacuums you can purchase to make cleaning after meals easier for you.
  • Having white towels readily available is advisable. When something spills on the carpet, you need to soak up the spill right away. Remove as much liquid as you can. The towel needs to be white so that you can see how much of the liquid you’ve removed so far and to prevent any dye from transferring to the carpet. Just put the towels in the washer with bleach to make them white again.
  • Using a dust pan and a broom, sweep up large pieces of crumbs that the vacuum can’t remove. Make sure to pick up everything you see because leaving food crumbs on the carpet can lead to other problems like pests.

With these carpet cleaning tips, you won’t have difficulty keeping your carpets in your dining and kitchen areas spotless and attractive.

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