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5 Spring Cleaning Tips for A Happier and Healthier Home

5 Spring Cleaning Tips for A Happier and Healthier Home

It’s that season once again for giving your home some top-to-bottom buffing that will keep it in great shape all throughout the year.  But just thinking about the whole process can be discouraging. Arm yourself with these great spring cleaning ideas, for you to have a happier and healthier home in no time.

5 Spring Cleaning Tips for A Happier and Healthier Home

1.  Declutter your home

Get rid of unused and unnecessary items that are piling up in your closets and your storage rooms. Organize your stuff into three categories: donate, keep and sell. If there are some items you don’t need to keep, you can earn a few dollars by having a garage sale.  You’d be amazed at how useful your things can be to other people. If you can’t sell the items, free up your space and do a good deed by giving them to a charity.

2.  Create a different mood

As the weather gets warmer, try changing your bedding, towels, and table linen to different colours to create another mood. Change them according to seasons and special holidays, so it can bring a nice atmosphere for your family and guests.

3.  Decorate your home with plants

Plants and flowers bring a nice touch to your home. Their vibrant colours and earthy tones bring life and a great ambiance into your space. Indoor plants create a calming and relaxing environment for your home

4.  Clean everything you can

When it comes to spring cleaning, it’s important to clean every accessible surface, from floors, cupboards and drawers, to light fixtures, windows and walls of every corner of your house. With everything cleaned up, your home will gleam and glisten like new.

5.  Clean your carpet and upholstery

Your carpet and upholstery must have collected tons of dirt, grime and soil particles during the winter season. To preserve your investment in its gorgeous state, thorough upholstery and carpet cleaning is essential. It’s best to hire a professional to have your carpet and upholstery deep cleaned. They will remove annoying spots and pet odour off your carpet leaving it sparkling clean and smelling fresh.

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