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Which Window Covering: Curtains or Blinds?

Decorating the house can be a pleasant and exciting experience for all homeowners. If you want something fresh, aside from selecting paints and colour patterns, curtains and blinds can play a big part in your home makeover. Dressing up your windows can bring a different atmosphere based on your personal taste and lifestyle. But which one works best for you?

Choosing the best window covering for your house can be challenging. It all depends on what look you want to achieve and the purpose of each room. Read on for helpful guidelines to help you decide what is best for your home.

Which Window Covering: Curtains or Blinds?


Curtains come in different designs, colours, materials and styles. You can find a wide variety of options when choosing curtains for your windows. You can opt for a light sheer curtain or something heavy and thick to keep the room dark. Curtains usually bring a homey and relaxed feel to any room.

You can choose several different fabric options, making curtains a great choice for living room areas. They can match up your wall colour, house fixtures and designs. You can also choose the type of fabric based on its functionality like blocking light and obstructing views.


Blinds are perfect for commercial spaces.  Go for blinds if you want your office to look professional and organized. They also come with different colours that match up your wall and your style. They are more stylish and modern, especially if you are a fan of contemporary interior design. Blinds are more convenient because you can just pull or adjust them when you want adequate lighting or if you need to conduct business away from prying eyes. They are also easier to clean; you just have to wipe off the dirt.

Blinds and Curtain Cleaning

Curtains do not require frequent cleaning, unlike blinds. You can take down your light curtains and get them washed them in your washing machine every 3-4 months. Change to a different fabric every once in a while if you’re tired of the previous curtain. Blinds require more regular cleaning as they collect dirt and dust that can affect your indoor air quality. For heavier or badly soiled curtains and drapes, get curtain cleaning professionals to help you. To keep your curtains and blinds lovely and clean, get in touch with AIM Property Solutions today.


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