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5 Fantastic Ideas To Make Your Home Smell Nice and Fresh

Many consumers spend hundreds of dollars to buy either scented candles, air fresheners or other kinds of natural scents to improve their home’s indoor air quality. Every home or office has a unique smell and this scent can affect a person’s mood. Isn’t it great when you walk into your apartment, office or room and there’s a scent that makes you calm and happier? Even guests feel more relaxed in your fresh smelling space. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune to make your home smell nice. Here are our favourite tips to make your space smell great:

5 Fantastic Ideas To Make Your Home Smell Nice and Fresh

  1. The heavenly scent of lemon and rosemary

Fill up a pot with water, slice up one lemon, add a few sprigs of rosemary and add a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Simmer it all day to fill up your home with the delightful scent.

  1. A cinnamon stick

Add a little twist of spicy and sweet scent to your house by adding cinnamon sticks to your unscented candle. You can also use it as decoration in your home. Be creative!

  1. Essential oil spray

Another affordable and effective solution to improve the scent inside your space is using essential oil spray. They come in various scents and are mostly available at your favourite local health food store.

  1. The power of lemon

Do you want to get rid of that funky smell on your refrigerator? Get a lemon and slice it in half. Place it inside your fridge and let it absorb the smell.

  1. The magical baking soda air freshener

Baking soda isn’t just an all-around cleaning agent. It can also be used to make your refrigerator smell fresh. First, find a container with a lid. It can be a coffee can, a mason jar or any plastic container. Poke holes in the lid of the container. Fill up the container about halfway with baking soda and a drop of essential oil with your favourite aroma. Shake the mixture together gently.


More often than not, pungent odours that linger for days are due to stains on your carpet or upholstery. Meticulous stain removal is what is needed to liberate your home from the smell. For efficient stain removal services from qualified professionals, call AIM Property Solutions. Your carpet or rug will get the best attention possible. We’ve had plenty of experience and success treating difficult stains.


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8 Motivations To Clean Your House

8 Motivations To Clean Your House

Cleaning is something we really don’t enjoy doing especially when there’s a lot of icky stuff that needs to be removed. Clutter is another problem that you need to address because it can be a hindrance to your daily routine and is very distracting. You will also find a hard time looking for things that you need when there’s a lot of mess and clutter in your home.

8 Motivations To Clean Your House

Here are the best reasons to motivate you to clean your home:

1. A clean house is like a breath of fresh air.

You will feel so good waking up in the morning and ending your day in a home that is clean and organised.

2. Less stress

With regular cleaning, you’ll have very little mess in your house. Eventually, you will not have to give a lot of time and effort to cleaning. You’ll be able to go about your everyday routine with ease and relaxation.

3. Your home will be more attractive

When you are keeping a clean home, it will look, feel and even smell more appealing. It’s going to look practically the same as when you first bought it. In addition, you can confidently face surprise guests anytime in your home.

4. Less time for cleaning, more time for other things

If you constantly clean your home little by little, it will be much easier to maintain rather than only cleaning when it’s already filled with dirt. You can vacuum regularly, wash dishes, and give your toilet a scrub. Doing this will keep you from consuming a lot of time for heavy cleaning later.

5. Keep pests from invading your home

Without any trash, litter or clutter, you’ll have lesser chances of attracting pests to your home. Remember that when pests have settled in your home, you will need to hire pest control professionals, an added expense.

6. Longer lifespan for your household items

There are things in your home which will have a longer lifespan if they are kept clean. One example of them is your carpet. Carpet cleaning is needed for your carpet to be maintained and kept looking new and fresh.

7. A better and healthier home for your children

People especially children and the elderly will not be at risk of tripping on something or encountering substances that can be very harmful to their health. Children have the tendency to wander around but when this happens, they won’t find anything that could harm them. Your home will also not have any allergens that can cause health problems.

8. Easily find the things you need

When cleaning your home, find and keep a place for everything so you know where to quickly grab anything you need. You will be able to do this easily if your home is more organised.

These are some of the most important reasons why your home needs to be kept clean at all times. It’s a fact that humans need a good place to live in and we can function better if everything we see is organised and tidy. For all your professional cleaning needs from rug and carpet cleaning to upholstery and mattress cleaning, call AIM Property Solutions, the best in the business.


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Freshen Up Your Home: 3 Tips To Remove Household Odours

Freshen Up Your Home: 3 Tips To Remove Household Odours

You can choose to occupy your day spraying around your home to replace the unpleasant odours that bother you. Or, you can decide on the most effective way to get rid of these odours. Identifying and dealing with the main source will prevent the problem from recurring. It’s even more urgent that you find it if, no matter what you do, the odour doesn’t seem to be going away. There are tips you can follow to target the source of the odour and get rid of it completely. You can also get the most out of professional cleaning services like carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and stain treatment.

Freshen Up Your Home:  3 Tips To Remove Household Odours

  1. Investigate the cause of the smell

You might think that doing this is very tiring, but once you find the source of the stench, your life will be more comfortable. Do a thorough search in all areas of your home to trace where the odour is coming from. If you have cats at home, be reminded that they sometimes like to take dead animals with them so you need to check under the bed, and behind appliances and furnishings. Damp, musty smells are likely coming from mould, which grows on ceilings and walls. Treat any mould problems right away or they will spread throughout your home.

  1. Store your items properly

Consider also the possibility that the odour is coming from a chemical inside your house, like varnish, paint, or other cleaning products. These chemicals should be placed in a separate area because of their strong fumes and the danger of accidental poisoning. Garages or sheds are the best storage areas, but kitchen and cleaning products in tightly closed containers can be put inside the cupboard.

  1. Vacuum and professional cleaning

Some odours are caused by the lifestyle and habits of people, such as smoking. Cooking and grilling food can also cause different odours. Unfortunately, the particles of odours from these kinds of sources have the tendency to stick to carpets and upholstery. Although odours from food may smell good at first; they do turn nasty later on, particularly if you accidentally burned the food. You can vacuum surfaces to get rid of the smell. If that doesn’t work and the smell persists and gets worse, it’s time to call the carpet and upholstery cleaning experts.

For carpets and upholstered furniture that look terrific and smell wonderful, contact AIM Property Solutions. Our carpet and upholstery cleaning services are highly effective and produce lasting results.


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Where to Place an Area Rug in Your Home

Where to Place an Area Rug in Your Home

So you wanted to freshen up the look of your home but couldn’t find the carpet that best fits your style and budget.  You ended up not having a carpet at all and just settling with your tile, concrete or wood flooring. But do you know that area rugs can be a great alternative to a wall-to-wall carpet?

Aside from a variety of designs, colours, shapes, and sizes to match your taste, area rugs also provide comfort and warmth over your hard flooring.  You can easily change it when you get bored with the colour or want to revamp the look of your home.  Below are the areas in your home where you can add some style using your rugs.

Where to Place an Area Rug in Your Home

Living Room

The living room is where we relax and get comfortable and also the usual place to entertain guests. An area rug creates an atmosphere that gives character and elegance, making the space both inviting and relaxing.  It also gives comfort and warmth to your feet during the winter nights and early mornings.


Decorating your bedroom with an area rug creates a relaxing atmosphere for a good night’s sleep. Getting up during winter nights and mornings is a little bit easier as the area rugs provide warmth for your bare feet.


If you have a playroom at home, choose a playful colour and design that will appeal to your little ones. An area rug doesn’t just make it comfortable for your children to play; it’s also a way to keep them safe when playing on your hard flooring.


Who says you can’t decorate your bathroom with an area rug just because it’s rarely seen? Area rugs can bring a nice touch to your bathroom and add comfort.

Your area rugs will look great for many years to come with the right care and professional rug cleaning. Let the qualified and experienced experts at AIM Property Solutions handle all your cleaning concerns, from rug cleaning to carpet cleaning.


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Finding the Upholstery That’s Right For You

Finding the Upholstery That’s Right For You

With the many choices for upholstery, there is a big chance that choosing one for your home can be a difficult task. It is easy to think that they’re all made the same way. But there are specific characteristics that make them different from each other and you need to consider each before making your final choice.

Finding the Upholstery That’s Right For You

Look at each of these features to help you decide:


It is very important to get durable fabric especially if you need it for an area that gets a lot of dust from foot traffic.

Is it resistant to fading?

Look for fabric that will not fade easily especially if it will be placed in an area that gets a lot of sunlight. Ask around for fabrics with the most number of threads because these are also resistant to fading.


Depending on what you’re looking for, you can choose from a variety of designs and colours. Upholstery is often designed with the type of fabric fitting the style of its frame.


This is a highly important factor as it determines the kind of impression you want your furniture to give. You can go for trendy colours that you will still love even when they go out of fashion. Light colours can help make the room feel more lively, but may not be ideal for households with children and pets.


When it comes to patterns, think about its size and the dimensions. To help you choose, take several steps back so you can envision how it will look in your room. The size of the pattern’s design should match the size of the room. Larger rooms look better if the fabric has larger patterns and smaller rooms are better off with small patterned fabrics.

Different categories of fabric

Fabrics have classifications that are suitable for every budget and taste. Some can last a long time while others are more aesthetic and delicate.

Types of fabrics:

  • Cotton- Cotton is sturdy and doesn’t wear out easily. Avoid exposing this to sunlight, though as it will turn yellow. Mildew can cause a lot of harm to this fabric but when cotton is mixed with other types, it becomes less prone to staining and wrinkling.
  • Linen- Linen resists fading but can easily become wrinkled and soiled. A humid environment can cause this fabric to become prone to mildew and its ability to resist fading can lessen when regularly exposed to sunlight.
  • Silk – Silk looks and feels quite luxurious but do not put this in areas that will get a lot of activity because it is not very durable. Choose this for rooms where you want to add a formal touch. You’ll want to make sure to regularly get professional upholstery cleaning to keep silk looking great.
  • Wool – Synthetic fibres mix well with wool to create one of the most durable types of upholstery. Wool does not fade or wrinkle easily.
  • Acrylic – Acrylic is not as sturdy as wool but it is softer and resistant to fading even when hit by sunlight.
  • Polyester – Polyester is less prone to wrinkles especially when it’s combined with other fabrics. Avoid sunlight exposure though which can damage it.
  • Rayon – Rayon is rather sturdy except when subjected to moisture. It can also stain easily. Like most upholstery types, sunlight is not good for this fabric.

These are what you need to think about when setting out to choose your ideal upholstery. In order to maintain your upholstery and make them last long, call up a professional upholstery cleaning service like AIM Property Solutions.


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6 Easy Tricks for Decorating with Area Rugs

6 Easy Tricks for Decorating with Area Rugs

Are you tired of the look of your living room, kitchen or bedroom floor? If your home lacks excitement and style, there’s an easy way to give your dull floor a quick makeover.  Adding area rugs creates a nice feel and atmosphere to your living space. With its wide array of designs, textures and fibres, it enhances your home visually and creates a certain mood.

Read on to learn some of the tricks on how best to decorate with area rugs.

6 Easy Tricks for Decorating with Area Rugs

  1. You can make use of an area rug to separate areas in a room such as seating and dining areas. It’s especially useful in studio apartments or if you have large rooms. Remember not to cover your entire floor with just one area rug.
  2. When using more than one area rug, choose different sizes that complement each other in style, whether it’s traditional, classic or modern. Make sure the rugs match your room’s decor, furniture, curtains and other accessories to avoid breaking the sense of harmony in your home.
  3. Area rugs come in different shapes. Choose the one that brings out your room’s natural design.
  4. Rugs are made from different materials. There are gorgeous designs in wool, silk, cotton, chenille, synthetic fibres and polypropylene. Choose the style that works best for you.
  5. Be sure your rug is laid flat and neatly. Use a rug pad to keep it in place and to avoid safety issues like sliding or tripping. Rug pads also make cleaning easier. Best of all, they help extend the life of your expensive investment.
  6. Apply a protectant to your rug for you to enjoy its warmth and comfort for years to come. Protectants prevent damage from spills and stains. Professional rug cleaning companies will be able to apply this for you. AIM Property Solutions has a team of professionals who are skilled in all your carpet maintenance or rug care needs.


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