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Keeping Kids Safe When You Need Carpet Cleaning

Keeping Kids Safe When You Need Carpet Cleaning

For young children, especially babies and toddlers, crawling on the carpet is wonderful playtime. Unfortunately, they can be at risk from contaminants present in your carpet. These potential health risks come not only from bacteria hiding in your carpet but may also arise from the carpet cleaning itself. Here’s what you should know and how you can keep your kids safe.

Keeping Kids Safe When You Need Carpet Cleaning

What happens when your carpet gets wet

You need to act right away when something spills on your carpet. Blot it up until all moisture is absorbed. Mould will soon develop in a matter of hours if you leave the carpet wet. Your toddler might touch the carpet contaminated with bacteria and mould.

Safe cleaning solutions

The cleaning solutions that we use for removing spots and stains on the carpet are not always safe for children. Before buying, check the label if it might be toxic to children. Even if they only inhale fumes from the chemical, it is just as harmful to their health.

Eco-friendly cleaning company

Hiring a professional cleaning company does not mean that you are completely safe from anything. Some companies use cleaning solutions that contain toxins that are much more potent but also more harmful than those we normally use at home. The effect also lasts longer so make sure that you are choosing a good cleaning company that will not use any harsh cleaning solutions to treat your carpet.

Your plan of action

Vacuum the carpet frequently. Get rid of any spills on your carpet. Remove stains right away by blotting them. Use doormats to minimize dust in your home. Double check the labels of your cleaning solutions. Make sure they are free of toxins and all-natural. Finally, choosing a good carpet cleaning company matters a lot. Responsible carpet cleaning service providers will use eco-friendly and non-toxic solutions.

AIM Property Solutions is the carpet cleaning company you can rely on for superior results and safe cleaning solutions. Give us a call today and set an appointment.


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What Rug Owners Should Know About Rug Cleaning

What Rug Owners Should Know About Rug Cleaning

An area rug is one of the most stylish and popular decorations for many homes. It has a variety of designs that can totally match your lifestyle and your personality. It also gives a nice touch to your house interior making it inviting to your guests.  A properly cleaned and maintained area rug continues to look beautiful throughout the years.

What Rug Owners Should Know About Rug CleaningWhen cleaning your area rug, it’s important to handle it with proper care. Rugs can be more delicate than your carpet and require meticulous care. Often, your rug will require a different cleaning approach.

Many people attempt to clean their rugs on their own. However, keep in mind that going DIY may damage your precious and expensive rug. Improper cleaning methods like too much scrubbing may damage your rug fibres. Choosing the wrong cleaning solution may leave permanent damage as well.


Leave it to the professionals

Rug experts know what type of fibres they are dealing with. They can identify the cleaning method that should be used for effective and efficient cleaning. They are also equipped with the proper machines and products that are safe for your rugs and your health.

In-house and off-site cleaning

Nowadays, many rug cleaners insist on cleaning the rugs in an off-site location. Don’t be afraid when they insist on bringing it to rug cleaning factories. These type of factories can clean large numbers of rugs with their automated equipment. Dusting is one of the major processes in cleaning your rug and most times, this cannot be performed inside your house.

If off-site cleaning is not necessary for your rug, it can still be cleaned safely and efficiently at home with the proper cleaning method and the right products. Proper care and handling of your rug can ensure long lasting comfort and use. Call AIM Property Solutions for all your professional rug cleaning needs.


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4 Situations When You’ll Need Carpet Cleaners

4 Situations When You’ll Need Carpet Cleaners

Even if your carpet looks clean on the outside, it still needs professional cleaning. Large stains can easily be detected and you know what to do when something spills on your carpet. A greater concern though is the dirt and bacteria hidden deep inside the fibres. There are problems that need to be detected early and you would not want to wait to notice them only when you start smelling unpleasant odours.

Knowing when to call a professional carpet cleaning company is important. Here are the most common situations when you need to ask for expert help.

4 Situations When You’ll Need Carpet Cleaners

  1. Large spills and old stains

When your house gets a lot of activity because you have children, pets, or guests, your carpet is exposed to different pollutants. It’s even more important to contact professional carpet cleaners regularly. People usually immediately think of using detergents to get rid of any dirt on their carpet but if they use the wrong products, this can leave the carpet with worse stains. Make it a habit to contact professional carpet cleaners to make the most of your carpet’s lifespan and maintain its great appearance.

  1. Different odours

Pet accidents and smokers are some of the top causes of bad odours inside the home. The smell often lingers because carpets can absorb any odour they are exposed to. You should not neglect your carpet by letting these dirt and odours accumulate. Bad odours also indicate that bacteria is present in the carpet which can cause health problems if left too long.

  1. Scheduled maintenance

Since you need to do other things, it is not impossible that you will miss out on vacuuming your carpet regularly. Professional cleaning once a year will certainly help in the proper maintenance of your carpet. Weekly or daily vacuuming will also keep surface dirt from going deeper, but professional carpet cleaners will be able to eliminate the dirt and bacteria that are found deep in the base.

  1. Time for your spring clean

A lot of people do spring cleaning every so often and they think this is enough to care for their home. Unfortunately, this can cause them to end up neglecting their carpet. You need to remind yourself that carpets require regular cleaning every year.

When professionals are hired to clean your carpet, you will be sure that even the carpet’s base is clean because thorough cleaning is being done. The lifespan of your carpet will be maximised and it will stay in excellent condition longer. When it’s time for your professional carpet cleaning, call AIM Property Solutions. We’ll clean and care for your carpet like no one else can.


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When DIY Upholstery Cleaning May Do More Harm

When DIY Upholstery Cleaning May Do More Harm Than Good

Even if it’s recommended that people do their share of upholstery and leather maintenance, there is still a danger when they clean stains up themselves. Their methods and cleaning solutions could be harming their upholstery or leather furniture. You should always be cautious when doing your own leather and upholstery cleaning because getting it wrong may lead to permanent damage.

If you’re unsure of the cleaning product to use on your leather furniture, do not take the risk of using anything. When it causes damage, there is no way to reverse the effect. Some furniture manufacturers may give a cleaning kit when you buy from them, but avoid using them as much as possible.

When DIY Upholstery Cleaning May Do More Harm

The risks of homemade cleaning solutions  

Even if there are a lot of websites which tell you how to make your own cleaning solutions, check if your source of information is a reputable cleaner. When you do use the cleaning solutions, be very careful. Make sure to test your solution on a small and hidden area so that in case your cleaning solution affects the furniture, you will not ruin the whole thing. It is also good to ask a professional upholstery cleaning company for advice if there are stubborn stains you cannot remove. Lastly, do not use harsh chemicals to get rid of the stubborn stains.

Renting machines

If you’re considering a rental machine to use when you want to do the cleaning yourself, you may want to re-think your decision. Their results are not proven, and a lot of people have complained about using a rental machine because it is not that powerful. Some of them can’t even get rid of the moisture on the furniture’s surface which can cause watermarks and wetting. The colour of your couch may also change if you don’t know to use the machine well.

Advice from professional cleaners

Not all people are capable of paying upfront for professional cleaning even if it’s needed badly. Do not panic because you can wait a few days to call up the professionals. However, buying a cleaning solution from the stores while you’re waiting may not be a good idea. Professional cleaning companies are always willing to give you advice on what you should do if you are not yet ready to hire them. The professional cleaning companies can offer products you can buy from them to use at home and get rid of stains in the meantime.

Whatever happens, do not try to do upholstery cleaning by yourself if you don’t know how. Let the experts handle the job. No time to clean your upholstery? Don’t know how?  Or the upholstery looks so dirty it’ll probably be a tough job? Call AIM Property Solutions and your couch, sofa and other upholstered furniture will be clean, fresh and good as new.


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