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Does Your Rug Need Changing Or Just Rug Cleaning?

Does Your Rug Need Changing Or Just Rug Cleaning?

Precious rugs are beautiful in any home because of their classic style and as long as you are giving them care and attention, they will be with you for a lifetime. If you take good care of your precious rug, it can be an investment which you can pass on to your children. However, even if rugs are very versatile and can last a lifetime, you still have to observe if they show the following signs of needing rug cleaning.

Does Your Rug Need Changing Or Just Rug Cleaning?

Stained or dirty areas

Accidents can always happen on rugs. When you spill something and the spills are left untreated, your rug will definitely have a stain. When trying to remove stains, make sure that the cleaning solution you are using is the right one for your rug. The cleaning method should also be considered. If you haven’t successfully removed the stain no matter what you tried, it’s time to contact the experts.

Funny Smell

When spills are left untreated, they can accumulate bacteria and release odour in the air. If you do the cleaning yourself, you can cause the odour to worsen because of the different chemicals in the cleaning solutions. Not all products will be able to disguise the odour for a long period of time. In case you still smell something after several attempts to remove the odour, the odour has probably reached the fibres and likely even the padding of your rug. Contact a professional rug cleaning company and your rug will get the best cleaning process and solutions.

Damage, wear and tear

When your rug is already tearing apart, it will no longer be nice to look at. It can also be a safety hazard and cause people to slip or stumble. If you try to fix it by yourself, you might end up spending more than you should or worsening the damage. Hiring a rug repair company can give your rug the proper repair it needs, bringing it back to its original look. The life of the rug can also increase if you have it repaired by professionals.

These signs don’t necessarily mean you have to urgently replace your rug but it will need professional rug cleaning and repair. If you act quickly, you can still save your rug but if the stains, odour or wear and tear have been going on for quite some time, chances are your rug will need replacing.

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CC Image Courtesy of Dave Gates on Flickr