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Solutions To Typical Rug Issues

Solutions To Typical Rug Issues

From spills to wear and tear, your rug is subjected to potential damage everyday. Fortunately, in most situations, you can still avert disaster. Learn from the experts so you can save yourself from heartache and prolong your rug’s life. Here’s what you should do for each of the problematic situations you and your rug will encounter.

Solutions To Typical Rug Issues

Soil and dirt

Simple everyday maintenance involves getting the dust out of your rug. Just hold your rug up and beat it get all of the dust out. For a thorough deep clean though, you’ll need professional rug cleaning.


Spilling liquids on your rug can cause ‘bleeding’ stains especially when it has penetrated deep into the rug. The part underneath your rug is usually made of low-quality materials and dye which can cause the liquid to run throughout the rug. Some stains you can remove yourself with the right method and product but for stubborn stains, it’s best to get rug cleaning professionals.


Aside from unsightly stains, liquid spills on your rug especially when left too long, will cause the rug to shrink. When a part of the rug shrinks, you’ll have no choice but to cut the pad underneath to match the rug. This is best done by rug repair professionals.

Pulled yarn

Do not pull strings of yarn hanging out from your rug. This can pull out even more strands and ruin the rest of the rug. Trim the stray thread instead.


Dealing with burns is easy because you need only cut out the part that was burned. This should not affect your rug too much unless it’s a large noticeable burn.


Insects and other pests can cause damage to furniture, not to mention bring health risks into your home. To keep them away from your rug, spray pesticide at least once a year or get rug experts to treat your rug after its regular rug cleaning.

When it’s time for your rug cleaning or you need stain removal, just contact AIM Property Solutions, and we’ll be there to help.


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What Rug Owners Should Know About Rug Cleaning

What Rug Owners Should Know About Rug Cleaning

An area rug is one of the most stylish and popular decorations for many homes. It has a variety of designs that can totally match your lifestyle and your personality. It also gives a nice touch to your house interior making it inviting to your guests.  A properly cleaned and maintained area rug continues to look beautiful throughout the years.

What Rug Owners Should Know About Rug CleaningWhen cleaning your area rug, it’s important to handle it with proper care. Rugs can be more delicate than your carpet and require meticulous care. Often, your rug will require a different cleaning approach.

Many people attempt to clean their rugs on their own. However, keep in mind that going DIY may damage your precious and expensive rug. Improper cleaning methods like too much scrubbing may damage your rug fibres. Choosing the wrong cleaning solution may leave permanent damage as well.


Leave it to the professionals

Rug experts know what type of fibres they are dealing with. They can identify the cleaning method that should be used for effective and efficient cleaning. They are also equipped with the proper machines and products that are safe for your rugs and your health.

In-house and off-site cleaning

Nowadays, many rug cleaners insist on cleaning the rugs in an off-site location. Don’t be afraid when they insist on bringing it to rug cleaning factories. These type of factories can clean large numbers of rugs with their automated equipment. Dusting is one of the major processes in cleaning your rug and most times, this cannot be performed inside your house.

If off-site cleaning is not necessary for your rug, it can still be cleaned safely and efficiently at home with the proper cleaning method and the right products. Proper care and handling of your rug can ensure long lasting comfort and use. Call AIM Property Solutions for all your professional rug cleaning needs.


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6 Mistakes To Avoid With Your Area Rug

6 Mistakes To Avoid With Your Area Rug

Decorating your room with area rugs improves your home’s interior design. Its unique design and colourful schemes bring a nice touch, making your home look stylish. Your area rug is like your other investments for your home; a little bit of TLC will ensure the longevity of your purchase. You’ll enjoy its beauty and comfort for many years to come.

Save yourself dollars and heartaches by avoiding these common mistakes that you can do to your area rug.

6 Mistakes To Avoid With Your Area Rug

  1. Rarely vacuuming it

Vacuuming regularly is one of the simplest ways to care for your precious area rug. Just like a carpet, your area rug consists of thousands of fibres and acts as a filter.  Believe it or not, these fibres collect huge amounts of everyday dust, debris, pet dander and soil particles. Dirt build-up causes damage to your rug fibres and affects its overall condition.

  1. Not using a rug pad

You thought you could save money by skipping the rug pad. Well, you’re wrong. Using a rug pad provides extra cushion and prevents your fibres from getting crushed. It’s a good investment to help decrease the chances of wear and tear on your area rug.

  1. Allowing the stains to settle

The key to preventing stains is to act quickly as soon as spills occur. Treat the stain accordingly and make sure to spot test when using rug cleaning solutions. Call rug cleaning professionals if you’re in doubt about treating the stains by yourself. Rug cleaning experts should be able to tell you how to address the problem.

  1. Placing your rug in an area with direct sunlight

Area rugs are sensitive to the sun’s strong rays. Allowing the sunlight on your rug will make its vibrant colours fade. Close the curtains and put up window blinds to prevent the sunlight from coming in and striking your area rug.

  1. Not rotating your area rug

Everyday traffic can affect your area rug’s surface. By rotating your area rugs at least once a year, it can wear out more evenly.

  1. Skipping deep cleaning

Having your area rug professionally cleaned will definitely bring out its original form.  A professional carpet and rug cleaning company like AIM Property Solutions will ensure your area rug looks fresh and clean once more.


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