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Solutions To Typical Rug Issues

Solutions To Typical Rug Issues

From spills to wear and tear, your rug is subjected to potential damage everyday. Fortunately, in most situations, you can still avert disaster. Learn from the experts so you can save yourself from heartache and prolong your rug’s life. Here’s what you should do for each of the problematic situations you and your rug will encounter.

Solutions To Typical Rug Issues

Soil and dirt

Simple everyday maintenance involves getting the dust out of your rug. Just hold your rug up and beat it get all of the dust out. For a thorough deep clean though, you’ll need professional rug cleaning.


Spilling liquids on your rug can cause ‘bleeding’ stains especially when it has penetrated deep into the rug. The part underneath your rug is usually made of low-quality materials and dye which can cause the liquid to run throughout the rug. Some stains you can remove yourself with the right method and product but for stubborn stains, it’s best to get rug cleaning professionals.


Aside from unsightly stains, liquid spills on your rug especially when left too long, will cause the rug to shrink. When a part of the rug shrinks, you’ll have no choice but to cut the pad underneath to match the rug. This is best done by rug repair professionals.

Pulled yarn

Do not pull strings of yarn hanging out from your rug. This can pull out even more strands and ruin the rest of the rug. Trim the stray thread instead.


Dealing with burns is easy because you need only cut out the part that was burned. This should not affect your rug too much unless it’s a large noticeable burn.


Insects and other pests can cause damage to furniture, not to mention bring health risks into your home. To keep them away from your rug, spray pesticide at least once a year or get rug experts to treat your rug after its regular rug cleaning.

When it’s time for your rug cleaning or you need stain removal, just contact AIM Property Solutions, and we’ll be there to help.


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