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How To Maintain the Beautiful Colours of Your Carpet

How To Maintain the Beautiful Colours of Your Carpet

A carpet that retains its vibrant colours over the years is indeed a beautiful thing to behold. Most carpet owners do not know the best ways to keep their carpet and its colours in top condition. One thing you need to remember is that carpet is similar to fabric and its colours can fade. Most carpet discolouration is caused by chemicals that we use in the household.

Here are some tips on how to keep your carpet looking vibrant and new all the time:

How To Maintain the Beautiful Colours of Your Carpet

  • Do not let sunlight touch your carpet

The strong rays from the sun will weaken the material and colours of your carpet. Make it a habit to close the windows or draw the shades when you leave the room.

  • Hands and feet should always be clean

Even the chemicals found in the cosmetics and body products we use can cause discolouration. If you’ll be touching the carpet, make sure that your hands are clean. Your feet should be covered with socks or you can wear house slippers if you’re going to step on your carpet.

  • Do not let pet stains linger on your carpet

Pets are adorable, but they can also pee and poop on your carpet. Spills and accidents need to be cleaned right away, especially if it’s pet urine which will ruin the colour of your carpet.

  • Inform the carpet cleaning company

The cleaning products bought from stores are more or less effective spot and stain removers, but they are not always safe for your carpet. They can still leave a mark on your carpet which can become permanent. It is best to let a professional carpet cleaning company, like AIM Property Solutions, handle your carpet so that the proper cleaning solutions and tools are used. Our carpet cleaning technicians are trained and qualified so we know which products and methods are good for your carpet. Call us today for all your carpet care needs.


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3 Essentials For Maintaining Shag Carpets

3 Essentials For Maintaining Shag Carpets

Most homeowners think a shag carpet is an old design which went out of fashion years ago. That’s completely untrue. Shag carpets are still preferred by some and people who use them enjoy them just the same. There are proper ways to care for a shag carpet, and if you consider buying one someday, you should know how to maintain it.

3 Essentials For Maintaining Shag Carpets

  1. Vacuuming

Like regular carpets, shag carpets must also be vacuumed, but there’s a technique you should use. Make sure that before you start vacuuming, the beater bar is not switched on. Also, the brushes of the vacuum should not directly touch the carpet. You just have to extract all the dirt without the brush touching the fibres because this might cause wear, tear, and warping.

  1. Rake for grooming

Rakes are not only for the yard. Carpets need them too. There are even shag rakes specially made for shag carpets. Using a rake will help make the carpet look great. Be sure to rake the carpet in only one direction so that all the fibres fluff up and look neat and groomed.

  1. Yearly steam cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning, particularly steam cleaning, is recommended by carpet manufacturers so that all of the dust mites, bacteria, pollen, dirt, and germs that live in your carpet will be killed and removed.

You can opt for DIY steam cleaning, but hiring a certified and licensed carpet cleaning company will make all the difference. Professionals have the proper tools, equipment, and cleaning solutions to care for your shag carpet. Additionally, this will save you the trouble of doing everything yourself. Most importantly, professional carpet cleaning protects your carpet. There have been some cases where well-meaning owners inadvertently damaged their carpet through DIY carpet cleaning.

If you need a trusted company, AIM Property Solutions is always here, ready for your call. Just let us know and we can help you maintain your shag carpet to make it last longer.


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4 Simple Secrets To An Attractive and Long-Lasting Carpet

4 Simple Secrets To An Attractive and Long-Lasting Carpet

Just like other household furnishings, your lovely new carpet is an expensive investment. Many homeowners might be wondering how to keep it looking as attractive and gorgeous as it did on the day it was installed. The answer is simple: proper care and maintenance is important for you to enjoy its comfort for years to come. Read on to find out the best ways to take care of your newly installed carpet and protect your investment.

4 Simple Secrets To An Attractive and Long-Lasting Carpet

  1. Use your vacuum

Regular vacuuming can make a huge difference on your carpet. Your carpet fibres collect everyday dirt, dander and dust that can accumulate allergens. These contaminants pose a great risk to you and your loved ones’ health. The dirt build-up can also cause damage to your beautiful carpet.

  1. Clean spills immediately

As soon as a spill occurs, act fast and get the problem fixed as soon as you can. The more you let the spill sit on your carpet’s surface, the more it absorbs the liquid and becomes harder to remove. Always blot the spill instead of wiping to prevent spreading. If, after searching for tons of tips to get rid of stains, nothing worked, it’s best to call a professional to handle the problem. This saves your carpet from further damage.

  1. Spot test when using stain removal products

Many of us feel frustrated when we see a spill, and we end up grabbing any cleaning agent from our kitchen cabinet just to get rid of the stain. Don’t! Make sure to test any commercial cleaning agents on a discreet area of your carpet to check if it is effective and safe to be applied.

  1. Schedule deep carpet cleaning

Your carpet needs regular deep cleaning to keep it spotless, fluffy and attractive. Professional carpet cleaning service providers like AIM Property Solutions ensure that your carpet emerges sparkling clean and once more smells fresh.


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5 Things You Must Do To Increase Your Carpet’s Life

5 Things You Must Do To Increase Your Carpet’s Life

A carpet is a good investment which is why you need to do what you can to make it last longer. With the benefits, added appeal, and comfort that beautiful carpets provide to your home, you would not want them to get ruined right away. You especially need to pay attention to carpets that are placed in high traffic areas and get a lot of activity because they tend to wear out sooner.

Here are the top five ways you can increase your carpet’s lifespan:

5 Things You Must Do To Increase Your Carpet’s Life

  1. Regular vacuuming and taking care of your vacuum cleaner

Vacuum your carpet at least two times a week. If you have children or pets, aim to vacuum daily. Focus on places that get high traffic every day. Before attaching anything to your vacuum cleaner, make sure the brush is clean. When your vacuum cleaner bag is already half full, it’s time to replace it to maintain its efficiency. Change the brush as well when needed.

  1. Walk-off mats are important

Make sure to place a walk-off mat at every entry point of your house so that people will automatically rub their feet and leave dirt behind. The mat should be strong enough to withstand the dirt you will be putting on it to avoid contamination. The mat also needs to be heavy enough that it will stay flat on the ground, with a rubber pad to avoid bunching. The mat will need to be cleaned every so often so it would help if you get a mat that’s easy to wash.

Aside from the entry areas, it’s a good idea to position mats in areas between rooms with carpets. You can also place a mat in the kitchen so that people can wipe off oil spills and scraps of food that may have stuck to their shoes.

  1. Get rid of spills and stains right away

Once you see something spill on your carpet, act right away. A general spot cleaning solution is good to have in the house for situations like these to get spills off immediately. You can also check our stain removal articles to guide you on the best methods for removing minor stains.

  1. Get professionals to reapply stain and soil resistant treatment

Even if you’ve done this before, the cleaning process can lessen its effectiveness. After having your carpet professionally cleaned, have it treated once again with soil and stain resistant products.

  1. Professional carpet cleaning every year

A lot of people wait until their carpet is practically unrecognizable before they have their carpet cleaned. This is bad news for the carpet as abrasive particles that get stuck because of oil residues can cause damage. When the oil has already settled deep in the carpet, even vacuuming will not be able to remove it. With regular professional cleaning, you can help prevent oil residues from compressing and clumping together in the carpet. Carpet manufacturers recommend professional carpet cleaning every 12 months for carpets that are not very dirty and every 3-6 months for homes with children or pets. When it’s time to clean your carpets, trust only the best. AIM Property Solutions has teams of carpet cleaning and stain removal experts who will give your carpet the best care possible.


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Taking Care Of Your Dining Room and Kitchen Carpets

Taking Care Of Your Dining Room and Kitchen Carpets

If your carpet is located in an area where people usually eat or drink, it will always be in danger of spills. Does this mean you should never place carpets in your dining room or kitchen? Not at all. There are tips you can follow to prevent spills and stains on your carpet. Your carpet is in good hands if you know how to take care of it.

Taking Care Of Your Dining Room and Kitchen Carpets

Maintaining dining room and kitchen carpets:

  • Since it is in an area where there is a lot of food, put stain repellent on your carpet so that you can prevent stains from penetrating the carpet right away. You can get these from stores or ask a carpet cleaning company to treat your carpet.
  • Plastic mats under the chairs of small children are great at keeping food away from your carpet. You can do the same for your pet’s food area.
  • To make sure that all crumbs are swept off the carpet, you can vacuum the area quickly every after you eat. There are small vacuums you can purchase to make cleaning after meals easier for you.
  • Having white towels readily available is advisable. When something spills on the carpet, you need to soak up the spill right away. Remove as much liquid as you can. The towel needs to be white so that you can see how much of the liquid you’ve removed so far and to prevent any dye from transferring to the carpet. Just put the towels in the washer with bleach to make them white again.
  • Using a dust pan and a broom, sweep up large pieces of crumbs that the vacuum can’t remove. Make sure to pick up everything you see because leaving food crumbs on the carpet can lead to other problems like pests.

With these carpet cleaning tips, you won’t have difficulty keeping your carpets in your dining and kitchen areas spotless and attractive.

For your carpet’s routine maintenance, call AIM Property Solutions. We produce amazingly clean results for your carpets, rugs, upholstery and mattress.


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Caring For Your Newly Installed Carpet

Caring For Your Newly Installed Carpet

Getting a new carpet at home is great, but keeping it in top condition requires effort. Your carpet will stay beautiful with regular maintenance and professional cleaning every year. The lifespan of a carpet is normally between 8 to 10 years, but it may last longer depending on the kind of carpet, quality of materials and how you take care of it.

Caring For Your Newly Installed Carpet

Vacuum frequently

Dirt on the carpet’s surface will be removed with regular vacuuming. This should be done at least once every week especially if someone in your home smokes or has allergies. Pay special attention to areas that get a lot of traffic; these will need to be vacuumed every day. Vacuuming will also help with damages and prevents uneven wearing out of carpets.

Keep it protected

The presence of blinds and shades in your home will keep the carpet safe from sunlight. Do not forget to pull your window coverings down every time you leave your home. Area rugs are also ideal for places in your home that get a lot of traffic. Piling can be prevented by moving around furniture and by putting coasters under each leg of the furniture when you move them around.

Treat spots and stains

You should be careful about using any cleaning product to clean carpets because they can also cause damages. Remember that stains should be blotted not wiped. If the spill has the tendency to leave a stain, it’s always ideal to contact professionals to clean it up for you. If you decide to remove the stain yourself, do not be too harsh when rubbing the stain; this might cause more problems.

Professional carpet cleaning

To remove any residue or soils that have been trapped over time in your carpet, have it thoroughly cleaned at least once every 12 months. Professional cleaners should be hired to help with this kind of maintenance for your carpet in order to ensure the best results.

Always refer to the experts in keeping your carpet well-maintained. AIM Property Solutions specialises in carpet cleaning and stain removal, assuring you of a wonderfully clean carpet that will last for years.


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