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Guide To Vacuuming Like A Pro

Guide To Vacuuming Like A Pro

Most everyone has tried vacuuming, and it seems like a relatively simple task. It might surprise you to discover that there is actually a proper way to do it. There are strategies and tricks to do it correctly and efficiently. Learn how to vacuum like a pro with our quick and easy guide.

Guide To Vacuuming Like A Pro

The Proper Way to Vacuum

  • Before doing anything, your vacuum should be cleaned first. It is the first thing that needs to be cleaned. Otherwise, you’re just adding more dust to the surfaces you’re supposed to be cleaning.
  • If you don’t really enjoy vacuuming the carpet, do it slowly. What you can do is vacuum each room one day at a time so that you will not become tired easily compared to cleaning all of them in just one day.
  • Do not allow the dust to build up which is why you have to vacuum the carpet consistently every week.
  • The area needs to be ready for vacuuming so clear it of any items. It’s important that you see everything that needs to be vacuumed so you don’t miss a spot.
  • You need to go the entire area when vacuuming a carpet so that all of the dirt and pollutants are picked up.
  • To make sure you’ve cleaned thoroughly, vacuum the surface a few more times.
  • If you want to be efficient, use the right attachments based on the surface you’re cleaning, whether it’s hardwood, carpet or tiles.
  • Large pieces of furniture also accumulate dust and may even hide pests. Do not forget to vacuum under couches and tables. Your furniture needs to be moved around so that you will be able to vacuum the spots that are not easy to access.
  • Your shoes will leave a trace of dirt as you walk out of the room; so after you are done with one room, vacuum on your way out.

Vacuuming is the first step to maintaining your carpet. Carpet manufacturers still recommend professional carpet cleaning for a longer-lasting carpet. Whenever your carpet is due for some cleaning, call AIM Property Solutions. We can come anytime to help you out, and you are assured of excellent carpet cleaning service.


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