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5 Fantastic Ideas To Make Your Home Smell Nice and Fresh

Many consumers spend hundreds of dollars to buy either scented candles, air fresheners or other kinds of natural scents to improve their home’s indoor air quality. Every home or office has a unique smell and this scent can affect a person’s mood. Isn’t it great when you walk into your apartment, office or room and there’s a scent that makes you calm and happier? Even guests feel more relaxed in your fresh smelling space. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune to make your home smell nice. Here are our favourite tips to make your space smell great:

5 Fantastic Ideas To Make Your Home Smell Nice and Fresh

  1. The heavenly scent of lemon and rosemary

Fill up a pot with water, slice up one lemon, add a few sprigs of rosemary and add a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Simmer it all day to fill up your home with the delightful scent.

  1. A cinnamon stick

Add a little twist of spicy and sweet scent to your house by adding cinnamon sticks to your unscented candle. You can also use it as decoration in your home. Be creative!

  1. Essential oil spray

Another affordable and effective solution to improve the scent inside your space is using essential oil spray. They come in various scents and are mostly available at your favourite local health food store.

  1. The power of lemon

Do you want to get rid of that funky smell on your refrigerator? Get a lemon and slice it in half. Place it inside your fridge and let it absorb the smell.

  1. The magical baking soda air freshener

Baking soda isn’t just an all-around cleaning agent. It can also be used to make your refrigerator smell fresh. First, find a container with a lid. It can be a coffee can, a mason jar or any plastic container. Poke holes in the lid of the container. Fill up the container about halfway with baking soda and a drop of essential oil with your favourite aroma. Shake the mixture together gently.


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