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Secrets To Faster Fuss-Free Cleaning Of Your Car Interior

Secrets To Faster Fuss-Free Cleaning Of Your Car Interior

Our car is like an extension of our home. We also do things in it that we usually do at home like eat, drink or even sleep.  However, with all these things that we regularly do, we may get into our car one day and smell something unpleasant, or we look around and realise how filthy it’s become. It’s time to clean the car, and here are a few tricks that can make your car interior look good again in less than 30 minutes.

At this point, you may also consider setting rules inside your car. You can restrict your kids to eating inside the car only on long trips, for instance. This makes it easier to maintain a clean car.

Secrets To Faster Fuss-Free Cleaning Of Your Car Interior

The quickest way

Check inside the car and look for things that should be tossed in the bin. You may find empty bottles of juice, soda, water, or even morning coffee cups. Old receipts, used sandwich or snack bags and other trash also need to go in the garbage bag. Clean your cup holders, too.

Wipe the dust from your dashboard and clean the grime on your door handles, steering wheel and gear shift. You should also clean the inside door pockets.

Clean your leather with a few swipes of a clean cloth and leather cleaner just to remove dust. Make sure to vacuum later, though!

When you have a few minutes more

To remove the dust in your dashboard, wrap a piece of cloth around a flat-head screwdriver and use that to clean the buttons and switches. Use a paper towel to clean the cup holder. To clean the windows, windshield, and side and rear mirrors, spray a little glass cleaner on a paper towel and use that to wipe these areas.

When you can take your time

If you have just a little more time to clean the car, you can vacuum the floor. Take out the floor mats from the car and shake the dirt off.  Don’t forget to vacuum the dirt from your seat upholstery.

Having a clean car will make you more inclined to throw away any trash immediately. Besides, once the car is clean, it’s easier to keep it that way.

Aside from taking care of your car’s carpet interior, make sure to also get professional upholstery cleaning for your seats. If you want your leather upholstery to look and feel better longer, call AIM Property Solutions. We specialise in high-quality carpet cleaning as well as upholstery cleaning.


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When DIY Upholstery Cleaning May Do More Harm

When DIY Upholstery Cleaning May Do More Harm Than Good

Even if it’s recommended that people do their share of upholstery and leather maintenance, there is still a danger when they clean stains up themselves. Their methods and cleaning solutions could be harming their upholstery or leather furniture. You should always be cautious when doing your own leather and upholstery cleaning because getting it wrong may lead to permanent damage.

If you’re unsure of the cleaning product to use on your leather furniture, do not take the risk of using anything. When it causes damage, there is no way to reverse the effect. Some furniture manufacturers may give a cleaning kit when you buy from them, but avoid using them as much as possible.

When DIY Upholstery Cleaning May Do More Harm

The risks of homemade cleaning solutions  

Even if there are a lot of websites which tell you how to make your own cleaning solutions, check if your source of information is a reputable cleaner. When you do use the cleaning solutions, be very careful. Make sure to test your solution on a small and hidden area so that in case your cleaning solution affects the furniture, you will not ruin the whole thing. It is also good to ask a professional upholstery cleaning company for advice if there are stubborn stains you cannot remove. Lastly, do not use harsh chemicals to get rid of the stubborn stains.

Renting machines

If you’re considering a rental machine to use when you want to do the cleaning yourself, you may want to re-think your decision. Their results are not proven, and a lot of people have complained about using a rental machine because it is not that powerful. Some of them can’t even get rid of the moisture on the furniture’s surface which can cause watermarks and wetting. The colour of your couch may also change if you don’t know to use the machine well.

Advice from professional cleaners

Not all people are capable of paying upfront for professional cleaning even if it’s needed badly. Do not panic because you can wait a few days to call up the professionals. However, buying a cleaning solution from the stores while you’re waiting may not be a good idea. Professional cleaning companies are always willing to give you advice on what you should do if you are not yet ready to hire them. The professional cleaning companies can offer products you can buy from them to use at home and get rid of stains in the meantime.

Whatever happens, do not try to do upholstery cleaning by yourself if you don’t know how. Let the experts handle the job. No time to clean your upholstery? Don’t know how?  Or the upholstery looks so dirty it’ll probably be a tough job? Call AIM Property Solutions and your couch, sofa and other upholstered furniture will be clean, fresh and good as new.


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3 Reasons Cleaning the Car’s Interior is Important

3 Reasons Cleaning the Car’s Interior is Important

When cleaning, it’s not unusual for people to think of cleaning the interiors of their cars last. Sometimes they wait a few months before cleaning the inside of the car, then they most likely find food containers and cans, all sorts of wrappers, and other types of trash inside that they forgot to remove. Because of this, a lot of people would rather hire someone to do the cleaning for them. There is a chance that they will not even consider cleaning the interior of the car if they are not going to sell it. Here are the top reasons you shouldn’t miss cleaning your car’s interior.

3 Reasons Cleaning the Car’s Interior is Important

  1. You’ll discover items you thought you’ve lost for good

It might surprise you that your car can be a place where you discover some items you have lost and been looking for. Make sure to clean in between the seats and underneath the floor mats; they might be hiding some items, too.

  1. You’ll remove dirt build-up in hidden areas

If you use a machine for cleaning the carpet and upholstery inside your car, you can remove the dirt and grime hidden in the fibres of the carpet. You can also use the machine to clean the upholstered seat covers. Use the scrub brush attachment so that it can give your carpet and seats really deep cleaning.

  1. Your leather interior and upholstery will be sparkling

When you don’t clean the interiors for months, they will start to look dull, and the colours won’t be as vibrant as they used to be. When you apply a leather cleaner and scrub using a clean towel, you will notice that your car’s leather and upholstery will look sparkling and shiny again.

When it comes to upholstery cleaning, whether it’s your home’s furniture or car interior, AIM Property Solutions is the best in the business. Call us today to get assistance from experts who will thoroughly clean and refresh your upholstery.


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