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Secrets To Faster Fuss-Free Cleaning Of Your Car Interior

Secrets To Faster Fuss-Free Cleaning Of Your Car Interior

Our car is like an extension of our home. We also do things in it that we usually do at home like eat, drink or even sleep.  However, with all these things that we regularly do, we may get into our car one day and smell something unpleasant, or we look around and realise how filthy it’s become. It’s time to clean the car, and here are a few tricks that can make your car interior look good again in less than 30 minutes.

At this point, you may also consider setting rules inside your car. You can restrict your kids to eating inside the car only on long trips, for instance. This makes it easier to maintain a clean car.

Secrets To Faster Fuss-Free Cleaning Of Your Car Interior

The quickest way

Check inside the car and look for things that should be tossed in the bin. You may find empty bottles of juice, soda, water, or even morning coffee cups. Old receipts, used sandwich or snack bags and other trash also need to go in the garbage bag. Clean your cup holders, too.

Wipe the dust from your dashboard and clean the grime on your door handles, steering wheel and gear shift. You should also clean the inside door pockets.

Clean your leather with a few swipes of a clean cloth and leather cleaner just to remove dust. Make sure to vacuum later, though!

When you have a few minutes more

To remove the dust in your dashboard, wrap a piece of cloth around a flat-head screwdriver and use that to clean the buttons and switches. Use a paper towel to clean the cup holder. To clean the windows, windshield, and side and rear mirrors, spray a little glass cleaner on a paper towel and use that to wipe these areas.

When you can take your time

If you have just a little more time to clean the car, you can vacuum the floor. Take out the floor mats from the car and shake the dirt off.  Don’t forget to vacuum the dirt from your seat upholstery.

Having a clean car will make you more inclined to throw away any trash immediately. Besides, once the car is clean, it’s easier to keep it that way.

Aside from taking care of your car’s carpet interior, make sure to also get professional upholstery cleaning for your seats. If you want your leather upholstery to look and feel better longer, call AIM Property Solutions. We specialise in high-quality carpet cleaning as well as upholstery cleaning.


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