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Simple Ways To Quickly Dry Your Carpet

Simple Ways To Quickly Dry Your Carpet

There are many reasons why your carpet would get wet. It could be from water damage, spills or carpet cleaning. Either way, it’s important to have it dried quickly to prevent damage and mould growth. Too much moisture on your carpet can cause mould development that may result in health problems and carpet replacement. Since mould and mildew begin to grow in less than 48 hours, you need to act fast. Read on to find out a few simple drying tips to help you save your carpet and avoid replacing it.

When your carpet gets wet, first assess the severity of wetness by walking barefoot across the surface.

Simple Ways To Quickly Dry Your Carpet

If the carpet doesn’t seem to be soaked in water and appears to be just wet on the surface…

You’re lucky. This means you can vacuum the carpet with a wet-dry vacuum. The wet-dry vacuum is an effective equipment to get as much water as you can out of the carpet.  It can be purchased at your favourite local hardware store or it is also available for rent at some stores. However, you should not attempt to extract the water with a traditional vacuum cleaner as this is not designed for water removal.  Also, if you don’t know how to handle water damage yourself, or you’re unable to operate the equipment, it’s best to call a professional to do the job for you to avoid causing more damage.

When you walk on the carpet and hear a “squishy” sound…

The squishy sound means the water has seeped deep down to the carpet padding. You will need to pull the carpet off the floor to dry it completely including the underside.

If the carpet pad is soaked with only a minimal amount of water, you can directly put a fan over the wet area. You can also use your vacuum to blow warm air beneath the carpet. While you’re at it, inspect for mould and mildew. When the scent of mildew is present, consider replacing the pad.

Other easy ways to dry your carpet

Carpets dry more quickly with maximum air movement in the room. Ceiling fans, box fans or stand fans are best for this purpose. If you can, open your windows and doors.  If you have an air conditioner or heater, use the fan mode only.

Remember that if the water is dirty or contaminated, this will significantly damage your carpet. There are damages that an average person won’t have the skills or equipment to deal with. For situations like these, call AIM Property Solutions immediately to have your carpet and flooring cleaned and restored.


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